Sashing tryouts | scrappy style

I’m still mulling over what to do with the sashing.   Or whether to sash at all!

This is one of the suggestions.   Here’s a photoshop mockup to get a visual.

I think I like it.   I am  a bit anxious at the thought of piecing all the strips.  I want this to be a treasure for my little girl, so I know it would be worth it.     I’m just so itchy to get this baby finished!

What do you think?  Too busy?

If you like, do I need to add sashing to the outside edges too?



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10 responses to “Sashing tryouts | scrappy style

  1. Well, you won’t be able to finish completely until you get two more blocks from me : ) I know it’s more work, but I LOVE the look of this sashing.

  2. I really like the sashing… Beautiful! Personally, I would add sashing to the outer rim too, I think it would pull everything together. Maybe you could add in photoshop as you’ve already done… Maybe try a couple solid colours to see what looks best! 🙂

  3. Oh it’s so pretty Lindsey! I love the sashing. I probably would do sashing on the outside too but either way, it is beautiful. L is going to LOVE it!!

  4. Love it with the sashing–I’d put it on the outer edge as your border too! This is such a treasure!

  5. Danielle's Dish

    I love the look. 🙂

  6. I like it. I agree about the scrappy border too. Would it be possible to leave more white in between sashings? It might help distinguish between the scrappy-ness of the sashings and then into the scrappy dresdens…

  7. I think this sashing adds a certain cool, edgy, funkiness to a standard Dresden design. I think that the binding will be enough of a border….more sashing might make the dresdens look boxed in. Make sense?

    Also, how’d you do that Photoshop mockup?! I’m always dying to see my design and not just imagine it! Thanks. 🙂

    • ooh, that’s another idea I need to try out. Sheesh, with all the time I’m going to spend making a ‘pretend’ quilt I could get the dang thing done! LOL.
      I will do a tute on doing a photoshop quilt!

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