This is it, I swear.

I had a couple final thoughts on the sashing and of course if I made the mockup, I had to share.

Pinky promise there are no more.  Even I’m sick of looking at these…

When I first set out to make this quilt I didn’t even consider sashing.   Sashing didn’t exist in my vocab.    Now I’m obsessing…

How fast we fall.

I’m finding myself really torn between the previous thin all-over sashing and this middle one, plain with a scrappy border.

I guess we’ll see what happens!   I need to finish up the rest of the blocks before I can do anything.   So, next time you see this quilt it will be D.O.N.E.    Can’t wait!




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10 responses to “This is it, I swear.

  1. the one in the middle is the best, but i still prefer the all over 1″ sashing.

  2. you know, now i think the plain jane is my fave.

    have fun choosing, any way you go with this one, it’s gonna be great!

  3. I like the middle one or the far right one.. i like how the sashing gives it length 🙂 more room for long legs! lol.

  4. Any way you choose will be beautiful! Can’t wait ti see it!

  5. Nicole Flint

    I like the middle one the best!

  6. The horizontal sashing is intriguing. I’ve never considered that before, but the mock up looks nifty. It’s been fun to watch you work out your ideas here, can’t wait to see the direction you go.

  7. Hard choice, but I think I like the plain one with the scrappy border just a little bit more.

  8. jenni

    The middle!

  9. Leslie

    You know, I think I like that center one the best but they’re all really beautiful! I recently got me a Dresden ruler and want to do one exactly like yours!

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