Speechless. + a Poll

If you’re looking for the SewMamaSew giveaway, it’s HERE.  It ends tonight at midnight est!

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Oh.my.gosh, you have no idea how blown away I am by your response to this giveaway!

Seriously, THANK YOU for your sweet comments.  I have read every single one.

I am a little sad that you can’t all win because there are so many new mamas out there, a sweet little girl who thinks I’ve gone a bit crazy for giving away a quilt (such a sweet comment!), grandmas, people wanting to donate the quilt to charity or just hang it in their sewing room.

I am so touched and I’ve enjoyed visiting your blogs and ‘meeting’ each of you!

Well, I did get the binding done!  Phew.  Here’s an updated photo:

Many of you asked about the design and it’s one I made up myself.   It’s nothing complicated, but I would love to share it with you if you’d like to see how I made it.

There were a lot of you who said you didn’t think you could make it, but I know that you can!

I wanted to ask your opinion.  Would you prefer a tutorial or would you like to do a sew-along.  Or both!  If you wouldn’t mind voting, I’ll be sure and get to work. 

Here’s the original, Sewing Circle Quilt,  it’s a small  lap size quilt, about 40 x 60.

Thank you again, you each encourage me to keep the creativity flowing.  I’ll post the winner first thing in the morning, good luck!

xo, Lindsey



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13 responses to “Speechless. + a Poll

  1. Love the binding and the back! What fabric did you use for the back?

  2. I didn’t enter your giveaway because, well, I know you and I know someone else could use this more than me. I looooove this quilt, though. And if you do a tutorial or sewalong, I will definitely make my own : )

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  4. Kim Graves

    I’ve kind of always wanted to learn to quilt. Not that I need one more crafty thing to suck all my time, but if you do a sew-along I will HAVE to do it and learn a little about quilting along the way! It’s such a beautiful quilt Lindsey! I’m blown away by your quilting abilities! (and missing your beautiful tees! Mer and Sean have both outgrown all our Cake. stuff! 😦 Boo!)

  5. I think it looks super groovy. Very nice job!

  6. Leslie

    Oh that did turn out well! So delicate and pretty! Was pieced or appliqued?

  7. Kyna

    Lovely, lovely quilt.

  8. Love the new look of your site Lindsey! So happy your giveaway was such a big success- how could it have not been? That quilt is SO cute! 🙂 You know I would love to make one too.

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  10. laura

    yours was the best giveaway I saw. That quilt is amazing, and although I don’t believe you that I could make it, I’d certainly like to try. With three kids under four, though….it might have to be over the course of about six months! Thanks for the giveaway, and for sharing your talent!

  11. Hi-
    I just found your blog today and noticed the link to the ATLMQG. I live south of Atlanta and have always wanted to go to a meeting but it just never seems to work out. Now that I see the kind of quilts you make I want to go ever more than ever! Glad to find a “local” quilter that’s modern and blogging.

I truly appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time to leave one! Lindsey

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