Beach Quilt in a hurry!

Trying to squeeze in a quilt before we leave for the beach in 2 weeks.

I just loved Rachel’s, and I’ve really been wanting one for our family too.

I’ve been daydreaming of spreading out a color-filled quilt on the white sand beach and making memories with my fam.   Hoping I can get it done in time!

The pattern is a freebie, over at SewMamaSew.   It’s called Pinwheels in the Park.    I think it screams summer!  Whimsical and fun.

Send some late night sewing mojo my way, will ya?

Lindsey 🙂



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11 responses to “Beach Quilt in a hurry!

  1. That’s beautiful! How big will it be when it’s finished? I’ll be late night sewing, too. Finishing Project Modern, Kaufman Challenge is underway, and several commissioned projects. Sew happy!!

    • I believe it’s 71 x 58. I’m going to try and make it one block bigger on width so It’s more square. I think I’ve lost my mind for attempting, but best case scenario, I’ll finish, right?! LOL.

      Sending sewing mojo your way too. Can’t wait to see your finished projects!

  2. oh wow!!! i am in awe of your skillz. AWE.

  3. I wanted to make my grandmother a quilt for her birthday… it’s Saturday. So, I am guessing that 4 days to make a quilt is a little unrealistic??? Can’t wait to see how your summer quilt turns out!

  4. Awesome Lindsey. Sending you sewing vibes and some caffeine. 🙂 Dr. Pepper right?
    We are at the beach right now and boy has it been a long day to get here. 3.5 hour trip took 5, forgot the bed board part of the pack n play and my bathing suit (I know-right, my bathing suit!) Thankfully we are at the beach in Charleston, SC not somewhere remote but still. I brought my dresden quilt to sew the binding on- had to have something to work on this week.
    Can’t wait to see your pinwheels all finished. Sew woman, sew! 🙂

    • Yes, DP it is! Thank you Jennifer! Hope you have a relaxing and fun time at the beach. You’ll have to fill me in on Charleston, I’ve always wanted to visit the beaches there. Hopefully you found a new suit and the babe a place to sleep! Have fun!

  5. wickedwickedwitch

    Thanks for linking to the pattern. I like this one. I think your colors will look great with the ocean as a backdrop.

  6. Good for you! Crossing fingers you can complete it =) I made mine after our beach trip. Oops!

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