Not meant to be.

Man, what a crazy few days.

Turns out the beach quilt will not be seeing the beach this year!   I gave it my best shot, but life had other plans.  I ended up at urgent care with my little boy yesterday when he suddenly broke out in hives from head to toe and his eye was swollen shut.  eek!

Thank goodness it wasn’t an allergic reaction.  He has had a fever the last few days and I now know you can break out in hives as a result of a virus!   Strange.

Things finally calmed down around 9:30pm and I did have the quilt top finished.   My sweet hubby offered to get up early and start getting us ready for our vacation so that I could pull an all-nighter.   I decided against that though.

I’m slowly learning when to let go.  I have a tendency to overstress myself, trying to accomplish certain things or make things ‘just right’.   While it would have made me extremely happy to have this quilt with us on our trip, I have another quilt that will stand in just fine.

And I won’t be a tired, grumpy mess when we leave and I think that’s a much more valuable gift to my family than a quilt! 😉

I know this post seems a little strange, but I needed to write out and remind myself that it’s okay to set a goal and not meet it.   I don’t have to be perfect and things don’t always have to go the way I planned and that’s alright.  It’s real life and that’s what I want my life to be.   R.E.A.L.

Well, my hubby and I are about to head off to Atlanta Motor Speedway.  His Father’s Day gift this year was to get to drive a racecar for a day.  I’m energized by his nervous excitement and can’t wait to see him on the track!   (thank you living social for making this possible! man, I love a good deal.)

Then we leave bright and early Sunday morning for vacation.  Can hardly wait to dig my toes in the sand!

xo Lindsey




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7 responses to “Not meant to be.

  1. have a wonderful time with your hubs and on your vacation! it’s good to know what to let go of. that wisdom makes life so good!

  2. So glad he is OK and it is not an allergy. It is hard to get off the track when we are full focused. Thanks for keeping it real! Hope you have a wonderful time Lindsey!

  3. Yes, so glad your little boy is okay! Have a great vacation 🙂

  4. AmyT

    So glad the little one is ok, Lindsey. How scary that must have been for all of you. Enjoy your beach trip!

  5. That must have been scary – glad your son is OK though – always perfectly timed before a holiday or a long car journey; kids have that inner body-clock that knows how to freak and stress out their parents the most!

    Have a great vacation x

  6. It IS ok to give yourself a break. Glad you decided on sleep =)

  7. Evelene Sterling

    I am so glad to hear your boy is okay and that you let go so that you could enjoy your family. Wise!

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