Have you seen Patternspot?


I just stumbled upon this fun site.    I also knit, so I love Ravelry and this is very much along that line, except with patterns.

I’ve been looking through the Modern Quilt category and I can’t believe how many patterns exist that I’ve never seen.   Or simply quilts I’ve loved on Flickr that I didn’t know there was a pattern for. eek!

Love the wishlist feature too, which will be so helpful to keep track of things I want to make in the future.

Just wanted to share, go check it out!




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7 responses to “Have you seen Patternspot?

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I checked it out a while ago, but had forgotten about PatternSpot!

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! I found a couple of things I like already. 🙂

  3. Gill

    I’ve never heard of it!
    Off to check it out – thanks!

  4. So neat! Didn’t know about this either. Thanks Lindsey!

  5. Oh no. Somehow this flew under my radar. Now I’m going to have more quilt patterns to daydream about!

    Also, yeah, the Universal Wishlist with Amazon is absolutely brilliant! I use it daily, and it helps me to keep track of small things I intend to purchase in the future, like a new type of thread or something.

  6. I am going to check out this PatternSpot for inspiration for my very first quilt… oh yea, I think I might make one!

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