You know what I did today?

I sent my baby to Kindergarten.

This tiny little thing….

Is a Kindergartener now.

I’m still trying to figure out how five and a half years have already passed!

My other little one will start full time preschool in a few weeks.  I asked her today what I was going to do now that her and her brother would be gone all day.

She said I would be just fine, and maybe I could paint, do laundry and work on my homework.   Oh, little mouths.

I know I will be just fine, but boy, it’s an adjustment when you’re so used to spending your days with these sweet faces!

I’ll be back to blogging more regularly and catching up on some tutorials and things that have gotten pushed aside!






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21 responses to “Bittersweet!

  1. a

    awe! I’ll have my first kindergartener in a month, wah! I’m so excited for her though, plus having just one in the house on my days off will be so precious.

  2. Evelene Sterling

    Aww they grow too fast!

  3. I love that ours are growing up – just makes me feel older too though, which isn’t so great! Enjoy your ‘homework’ x

  4. So it’s here already. I hope he had a great first day. Big hugss to you – I know you’ll miss him but bet he’s having a great time. xo

    • Crazy, huh? He did have a great first day, he made me laugh b/c the first thing he said when school was over was, “Mom, can you buy me some orange long chips?” I finally figured out those were sweet potatoes fries that they had at lunch. This morning he said, “Mom, I’ll got to Kindergaten and you go buy the sweet potato fries. Deal?”. Silly boy.

  5. Wow! It seems that school starts really early where you live! It’s hard to let them go, but necessary. My youngest is getting married in a month. It flies by all too quickly. All we can do is try to enjoy the journey. Hugs, mom!

    • We do start super early! Thank you for your advice, I need to remind myself to enjoy the journey b/c I know this time will go quickly too. Congratulations on your youngest getting married, it seems us Moms continue to have these letting go moments as our kids grow!

  6. What a cutie! Time flies too fast doesn’t it? My girls start back next Monday and I’m not ready yet. We’re just not finished with summer break yet!

  7. Okay, that hit me! I hope you’re holding up!! Sweet little L, she is just too funny! Riley looks super excited to be starting school! I hope his first 2 days went great! I’m thankful that I still have 2 years before sending Keegan off to school!

    • He really is liking school, as far as I can tell. I do think it has been a little shock to him how long the days are! I am holding up. I did get teary this morning b/c I had to drop him off in the carpool line which basically just means leaving him at the curb! My heart had a tiny crack, b/c I just wanted to watch him walk in and make sure he made it. I was like, day TWO? Come on now, let a mama ease into this! Little by little though I guess this is how you hopefully don’t end up with your adult son living with you, HA!

  8. Oh, that must be such a big adjustment for all of you! They definitely grow up way too fast.

    • Total adjustment, but I think it’s going to be good for everyone once we get used to the big change! Hope your start to school is going well, love reading about your homeschooling journeys!

  9. wickedwickedwitch

    I will be following in your footsteps next year. I hope it is a good year for that kid!

  10. Post already! Now that you only have 1 kid at home during the day you should have plenty of time to post! I’m just kidding… I know that you’re working so hard on Gavin’s quilt {which I can’t wait to see}. So finish that and then post 🙂

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