ATLMQG Retreat

I am so tired (or I should say sew tired), what a weekend!

Saturday was the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild’s 1st annual Retreat which happened to also be my 29th birthday.

My hubby had to work, but I am so thankful my Mom was willing to watch my little monsters so I could go.  Best birthday gift ever.  12 hours of sewing, friends, food and laughter.

Our social coordinators Chris and Pam organized a great  event.  (THANK YOU ladies!)

We met at Chris’ neighborhood clubhouse.  It was large and sunny (and freezing). When I walked in I thought, this has got to be a dream.   We had snacks, tunes to work to, and the place was stuffed full of 21 quilters STUFF.   And might I add that most of us brought way more than could ever be sewn in 12 hours.    You know, dream big, and all that.

I am behind on my Bee blocks for July, so I took those 3 along with my 3 for August.   That was the priority project and because I would breeze through those in no time flat, I also took my beach quilt so that I could make the backing, baste and FMQ it.   HA! hahahahaha!

This is what I looked like most of the time. (I’m in the striped tee.)

I spent more time contemplating sewing (and running my mouth!) than actually sewing.   It’s surprisingly difficult to get a lot done when there are so many fun people to yack with and ooh and awe over their projects and fabric.     It also helps to make sure you have all pieces and directions when you won’t have access to the internet.  oops.

I still managed to get 3 blocks completed and had a LOT of fun too.  We played a fun dice game that Pam learned about when she visited the Nashville Modern Quilt Guild.   You have to bring 3 fat quarters as your entry fee.   On the first round everyone has 3 FQ’s so they get to roll 3 die.   The die had dots, stars and the words left and right on them.    If you got a dot you got to keep one of your FQ, if you had a star you had to throw one in the pile in the middle, if you had left/right you had to pass the other to the person sitting next to you in that direction.

You keep going around rolling (if you only have 2 FQ in your hand, you roll 2 die on your turn, 1 FQ, 1 die,  0 FQ, no roll) until only 1 person is left with any fabric in their hands. They win!

It was hilarious and the game changed so quickly from you being out to your neighbor rolling a direction and you being right back in again.    We played twice once in the morning and once in the afternoon and the winners, Chris and Amy walked away with 42 fat quarters each.   I love any game that ends in you winning fabric!

Here’s the blocks I finished at retreat:

Modern Cross block for Jennifer

Liberated Cross Block for Sarah

I cannot wait until the next retreat so I can hang out with these peeps again!  Seriously an awesome group of people that have become friends I can’t wait to see each month.

xo Lindsey



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4 responses to “ATLMQG Retreat

  1. Looks like you had so much fun and it was a great way to spend you birthday! Happy belated birthday my friend!

  2. We look like a groovy group, don’t we? Grand, in fact.

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