Pay It Forward – Handmade.

I was linked to a Pay-It-Forward giveaway post by one of my Bee. buddies.

I definitely think the world could use a little more kindness, so I jumped at the chance to join in.

Now, it’s my turn to keep this going!

Here’s the deal:

I will make something handmade for the first 3 people to comment on this post.    It will be a surprise and I won’t tell you when I mail it.   It will be helpful if you have a blog, flickr, or pinterest so that I can gather inspiration for something that will make your day!

The original post says I have 365 days to make this for you, but I’m going to say, you will have it before the end of 2011.

The only catch is that if you are one of the first 3, you have to agree to keep this going.

And even if you aren’t one of the first 3, consider doing something nice for someone you don’t know anyways.    A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

xo, Lindsey

P.S. Please make sure your email is not hidden so that I can contact you. 🙂



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20 responses to “Pay It Forward – Handmade.

  1. So fun! Hope I am one of the three! If not, I will do something nice for someone!

  2. Beth T.

    Is it possible that I’m number three? Please say it’s so!

  3. lynn

    gosh i would love to do this but i have no blog. hmmm…

  4. I agree to keep this going… thanks

    debbebennett at yahoo dot com

  5. Jill Johnson

    I would love to be considered if someone decides not to do this!

  6. Danielle

    Love this idea 🙂

  7. lynn

    oh bummer-i checked a few times last night and i was #3. oh well, i’m still gonna pay it forward=thanks!

    • Sometimes I have to approve a comment, so it doesn’t show right away. I’m sorry Lynn! I hope to do this again in the New Year. Thank you for keeping it going anyways!!

  8. lynn

    oh goodness = no worries! love the idea and i’m starting on a patchwork potholder today. thanks for the inspiration…

  9. Yay! I was the first to comment. I am thrilled. What an exciting concept this is. How fun to plan ways to “pay it forward.” I have never participated in swaps, but I love to see what some bloggers create for their partners.

    I have a pinterest account, but I haven’t yet chosen items to place on my page. I have only subscribed to items I like on the pages of others.

    Thank you, Lindsey!


  10. ❤ you are so grand my dear

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