Echino, brownies and a tornado, oh my!

How was your weekend?

Ours was very low-key, but relaxing (with just a jolt of anxiety!).   It’s refreshing to just do nothing.   It was good for the kiddos.   Time to just be.

I did a little sewing on an unfinished mini quilt that’s been hanging on my design wall for, *gasp*, a year.

I was reading about Mini Quilt Mondays, that Faith  is hosting this month.   Just the spark of motivation I needed to get this thing done.  Hope to share it next Monday.

Fresh Lemons Quilts

The kids and I made some brownies, mmm.

This is a family recipe and making and eating them reminds me of some good memories.

I love how food can evoke that for you.  If I take a bite with my eyes closed,  the taste and smell just about transports me back to the house I grew up in.

I thought I’d share the recipe in case there are any brownie lovers out there. 🙂  Hot out of the oven, I swear, these melt-in-your-mouth.    I was born and raised in Dallas, so these are appropriately called Texas Brownies.

Recipe for Texas Brownies

Yesterday, we rounded out the weekend with a bit of bad weather.  Our area had several tornadoes come through and we were extremely fortunate to be missed.

One touched down about 3 miles from us.   I was relieved to hear on the news this morning that no one was injured.

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough, so I skipped my usual late night of sewing and cut up some Echino for a swap before hitting the hay.

SewSweetness  is hosting this fun swap.    I love Echino fabrics, but the cost usually keeps me from having a varied stash.

We all purchased 2 yards and cut it into 28 ten inch squares.   There are 28 of us and we had to choose a different print, so when our package arrives we’ll have a good mix.     Excited for my package to arrive!




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4 responses to “Echino, brownies and a tornado, oh my!

  1. Glad y’all are OK and didn’t have any tornados your way. I will definitely check out your brownie recipe- they look divine.
    Hope your week is going well my friend!

  2. Danielle's Dish

    Texas Brownies would be great for the JSL cook book!

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