100 Quilts for Kids.

I discovered 100 Quilts for Kids last month and am so happy to be able to participate.

When I found out that Moda gives sample fabric for bake shop tutorials, I knew I wanted to in turn donate the finished quilt from my tutorial.  This was the perfect avenue!

This quilt has been donated to the Aflac Cancer Center here in Atlanta and I truly hope it will bring some comfort to a newly diagnosed patient.

Consider taking the time to donate to a local organization.   A baby quilt is a quick thing to make that will bring comfort that is long-lasting.



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12 responses to “100 Quilts for Kids.

  1. Danielle's Dish

    So sweet!

  2. This is so cute—great quilt for a great cause!

  3. Awesome quilt to a great cause!!Well done.

  4. Oh, it’s absolutely beautiful…and made even more so by the thought and love that went into it!

  5. Sara

    What a gorgeous and unique quilt,thanks for donating. I did too! Isn’t it so fulfilling!

  6. Was this already on Moda Bake Shop? I looked but didn’t see it. This is a super cute quilt!

  7. Beth T.

    I was wondering the same thing. I’ll be hopping over there on Saturday–I love this quilt already.

  8. one of the cutest quilts on the bake shop in a long time!

  9. WOW! Congrats on being featured in Modern Day Quilts! I was so honored recently, too – very cool, huh?! Beautiful quilt!

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