Giveaway Day!

I can’t believe it’s time again for Giveaway Day, but I’m ready and excited!

If this is your first time here, welcome!   Poke around and see if you can find a tutorial you might like to try or a little crafty inspiration.

For those who regularly read, you know how much I love ya, but you can never say thank you enough!   THANK YOU for coming here and encouraging me with your comments and giving me inspiration!

On to the fun stuff…

I had a lot of fun participating in the Goodie Bag Swap, so I thought you might like to win a Goodie Bag for yourself!?

You have a chance to win this Noodlehead Go Anywhere Bag that I made, stuffed full of goodies.   I left a few of the goodies out of the bag for the picture, because part of the fun is the surprise!

This is my favorite time of year, and I absolutely LOVE to give gifts.   I can’t wait to give this to one of you!

If you’d like to be entered, just leave me a comment telling me what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year.

Giveaway is open to International readers too and will remain open until 8pm est on Friday, Dec 16th.   Winner will be selected by and I will post shortly after the close!

That’s it, good luck!





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454 responses to “Giveaway Day!

  1. Libby

    I can’t tell you how much I love that bag ! ohhhh please let it be my lucky number.

    I’m really hoping for a ruffling foot. I think if I don’t get it this year, I’m going to break down and get it for myself !

  2. Gill

    I love this bag! and it’s made of wonderful fabrics that I can’t find here in the UK!!
    On my Christmas wishlist is a kindle!

  3. lynn

    i love your bag o goodies!
    i’m hoping for a new/old machine ’cause mine bit it…
    thanks for all the inspiration and the giveaway!

  4. lisa m

    thank you for the chance, I love the fabrics you used. on my list this year — a new travel mug because I left mine on top of the car…

  5. jennifer

    wonderful giveaway! thanks for the chacne!

  6. I want so many things this year since we moved into a new house and it needs tons of work but to narrow it down I really want a rug for my tv room to hide the ugly carpet.

  7. What a fun giveaway! That bag makes me long for summer! I am hoping to get some snuggly PJs and a new watch this year — sick of pulling out my phone to check the time!

  8. Gorgeous bag!! I love how you did the handles. : ) I’m asking Santa for new slippers.

  9. Seriously cute! On my Christmas wishlist, socks! I always ask for them for Christmas! 🙂

  10. i love giving gifts too, i think it’s my love language. my wish list includes an accuquilt go! baby, but i don’t think i’ll get one!!

  11. mac

    Love the bag – the colours and how you have used spots and florals together. I hope to receive a Kindle for Christmas. Thanks for the give away.

  12. Liz Tillstrom

    What a luscious bag! Generous of you to put it up for grabs. My wish list this year has…brightly colored doilies, and fabric paint.

  13. Michelle

    Love, love, love the bag! Santa came early this year–I just got a new sewing machine. So what I would love is a little time for sewing 🙂

  14. Kimmer

    My Santa list includes fuzzy socks (can never have too many in New England!), DS Quilts fabrics, and a few books. We’re hoping to purchase a laptop for the family this year because my oldest 2 are fighting over homework time on our desktop.
    LOVE the bag! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Dorte

    On my list is – firewood. We’re getting a new house with a fireplace on the 20th….
    oh, and this bag is now on the list, too :-)!

  16. Joy

    World peas. Failing that, hugs and kisses from my kids.

  17. Beautiful bag! I’ve been eyeing that pattern for awhile, but can never find the time to make anything for myself these days. Thanks for a chance to win!

    On my list… nothing to exciting, just a pair of microfleece mitten/gloves from REI. Lame, but they are great & I’m tired of having to borrow my husband’s pair 🙂

  18. Nancy

    I love surprise bags!! I forgot how much!! My Christmas list #1 is sewing scissors that don’t peel my skin off….yeah, living large!

    nancebagance at yahoo dot ca

  19. OMG that bag is on my wish list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am speechless and might just have to come round and steal it!!!!!!

  20. Cyndi

    My Christmas wish list is your bag! Beautiful!!

  21. Abby

    I actually don’t have anything on my wishlist! I’m hoping to have fun and have a lot of surprises this year!

  22. Melissa M

    What an adorable bag! My Christmas wish was fulfilled and we are getting to go to Hawaii to be with my parents 🙂

  23. An Accuquilt Go Baby or a Kindle Fire. I would love your bag too!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. maria

    I love to give and received homemade!
    Thanks 🙂
    Maria João

  25. Margaret

    On my list…. SmartWool socks and an iPad. 🙂

  26. My wish list, if money was no object, would be a fabric shopping spree. But since money is an issue, I would love to have a BabyGo! cutter.

  27. wendy

    I would love a serger, but that is so not happening!!

  28. Kerry

    That bag is so cute! My Xmas wish is for more time to craft! So many beautiful things to make and so little time to make them! Happy holidays and thank you for providing so much crafty inspiration.

  29. dakewlone

    Pretty! On my wishlist are zippers. 🙂

  30. So cute and I am a fan of the fabrics you used. On my wish list, sadly is a new water heater

  31. Rebecca

    Fabulous bag! Echo fat quarters are on my wish list this year 🙂

  32. Oh, what a great giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win. I soooo love this bag, you chose wonderful fabrics. there’s fabric and sewing books on my list.

  33. my wish list is to have the house full with my family and joy

  34. Beautiful.I love.On my wish`s so long ..there is a new camera, a new rotatory cutter…

    Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

  35. A Tablet is on my Christmas wish list. And more purses – i love bags and purses!

  36. Annie

    some fabric and some new PJs!

  37. Anne

    That is one super-cute bag! Under the tree I am hoping to get a radio that fits on the shelf in my kitchen and gets good reception. Merry Christmas!

  38. I love this bag with the DS Quilts fabric! My ultimate gift wishes would be a laptop or a iPad, but since my husband just bought me a KitchenAid mixer, I’m feeling too guilty to ask.

  39. LindaW

    Love, love your bag! Clothes are always on my Christmas list.

  40. sarah

    love it! on my wishlist this year is the Farmer’s Wife book… all those beautiful blocks out on flickr have inspired me!

  41. The bag is so cute. I love the fabrics. I’m hoping for some good books.

  42. Lorri

    Love the fabric the bag is made out of! My husband and I are asking for a remote for our camera (so we can do lots of family photos in succession rather than running behind the camera to set the timer each time). 🙂

  43. CathyC

    I would like my pool finished by Christmas. Too many rainy days are holding up the concreters. Otherwise I want I cold summer so the kids don’t bug me about the nearly finished pool!

  44. candy

    anything and everything fabric and quilting related 🙂 LOVE the bag and would be giddy to win 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  45. My Christmas wishlist is a belt, some fabric and crafty supplies and maybe a good book or two! Nothing to much, because hubby-to-be and I are shifting countries on a scarily regular basis at the moment and I can’t accumulate too much stuff!

  46. i have so much on my wish list! soo much! hope valley is on the top of the list.

  47. Andrea C L

    woww!! on my wishlist.. hmm… how about some fabric!

  48. Cinnamon

    What a great bag! And stuffed with surprise goodies too, I love it! On my Christmas list is a new pair of knock around shoes. I’ve worn the heels down so far on my old pair they’re crooked.

  49. Carla G

    What an awesome bag!! And all the surprise goodies sound awesome! I have a baby go cutter, some quilting ruler and a free motion foot. Thanks for a chance to win your fabulous giveaway! 🙂

  50. SO cute!! i have tons of sewing books on my wishlist this year.

  51. Rachel J

    Very cute. I have some of the new modern quilting books on my wishlist.

  52. Abie

    On my wishlist this year…. bellydancing gift certificates so I can take more classes!

  53. I pretty much have everything I need this year, and I’m visiting my grandmother and my aunts/cousin in a week and a half so that sums up my wishlist!

  54. Heather

    I would like some DC guidebooks and a Kona cotton color card.

  55. alicia

    beautiful bag! my wish list includes some knit hand/arm warmers so I can continue doing things while keeping my hands warm and cozy.

  56. Maeve

    My Christmas wish is simple but true: I wish for the world’s people to be embraced by love and peace, and for all to know that there is a God in heaven who loves us endlessly and mercifully, regardless of race, religion, or anything else. May the peace of this Christmas season be with all of you who read this blog. God bless you!

  57. Love the bag Lindsey! Thanks for the opportunity.
    On my wish list from my hubby is a watch.

  58. Jessica

    I want a laminator for christmas….is that normal?

  59. Michell

    A GoBaby and books

  60. Laura

    What I really want is a tablet (ipad or android), but they are too much money to actually ask for. Oh well…

    Thanks for the chance at the goodie bag!

  61. Kristi F

    A Kindle Fire, a new camera lens, and lots of books!

  62. Are you kidding me?! You’re giving away THIS bag that I have been so in love with ever since I first laid eyes on it? Oh COME ON random number generator – THIS is on my wish now! 🙂

  63. I would like some sewing books–“Sewing for Boys” is at the top of the list.

  64. Amy

    I moved into a new home a few months ago, so I’m hoping for an IKEA gift card for Christmas so I can finally get started on decking on my craft room!

  65. Kelsey

    An ipad I’ll never get and loads of fabric 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway- I LOVE that bag!

  66. Becky

    I already got my Christmas wish … a new sewing machine! And I love this bag. Merry Christmas!

  67. sangeetha

    would love kindle fire or ipad2

  68. Cricket

    Only one thing on my list: a serger. And if it is a birthday and Christmas present together, I can go for that, too. And if they want my firstborn? Well, I guess I would have to draw the line there!

  69. Mary

    I’m wishing for a Nook! =) Super cute bag, Lindsey!

  70. Ellen Ban

    I would love to win that bag, Lindsey! I’ve missed seeing you at the AMQG meetings lately! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


  71. I love your blog! And what a great stocking stuffer that bag full of goodies would make for me 🙂

  72. Some extra money to pay bills… that’s the truth…

  73. the Go Anywhere is great isn’t it?? I’ve just made a few of them, but none in such a fun bright combo as you’ve got – I really like it – great for summer!

    My Christmas list…
    El Naturalista N137 boots (shhhh… I secretly bought myself a pair already)
    An iPad – long shot, but really I would love one.
    A Hello Kitty heavy duty Janome machine.

  74. bailey

    Time to sew is on my wish list. It’s hard with two babies.

  75. Such a pretty bag.

    It’s funny, I don’t really have much on my wish list this year.

    Maybe a little more sleep and the opportunity to finish all my gift making without too much stress?

  76. I do not have a Christmas wishlist–I have everything I will ever need right now! But, a new cute bag like this would certainly be an added treat for me! thanks!

  77. Tons of books are on my wishlist!

  78. My list is a new camera since mine recently broke! Thanks for the giveaway! tarynoakley(at)gmail(dot)com

  79. Rachael.

    On my christmas wishlist this year is a new serger. A girl can dream!

  80. Awesome giveaway! I hope I get this one! I am most excited to get my engagement ring. I know its coming so its not a suprise but which one will be a suprise.

  81. My wish list includes a new sewing machine…

  82. I want a lovely cake stand for Christmas. Yes, I already have one, but I want another, darn it! And I want that super cute bag.

    What is the Goodie Bag Swap? That sounds like something I’d like to do next year.

  83. Beth T.

    Just like every year, it’s books and fabric.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve won some of your crafty goodness in the past and know what a prize it is.

  84. VickiT

    I LOVE that Noodlehead bag Lindsey. You have chosen great fabrics and ooh I LOVE surprises.

    At the top of my wish list is the Viking Topaz 30 quilting/embroidery machine. I doubt it will happen but hey, it’s a wish list right?

    Thank you for such a great giveaway. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  85. pueyyee

    hi, i love the fabrics you choose for your lovely bag, charming! i like to go for a trip this christmas.

  86. Bethany M.

    I’d love a walking foot this Christmas.

  87. Linda

    Hello, What a fun giveaway. On my Christmas wish list this year is for my daughter to get into her first choice for a university. Thanks for the chance to win. LInda

  88. LOVE that bag! Gorgeous!!! I’ve asked for a nice bundle of wool felt for some projects I have in the planning.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  89. cheri

    I want a tablet computer!

  90. Beautiful bag – what an incredibly sweet giveaway! For Christmas – and it’s a big one – a job for my smart, hardworking, awesome husband.

  91. This year, I’m hoping for an 18-inch strand of pearls. Mm hmm…

  92. I have so had my eye on that pattern– a finished bag is even better 🙂 I’d love to go back to Disney World, but don’t think that will be happening…. wishful thinking, though!!

  93. Kim

    Lovely bag!!!!!! and surprise goodies!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!! On my wishlist is gonna happen tomorrow…my son #2 is coming to visit!!!! He is in the Air Force and I have not seen him in a YEAR!!!!

  94. My wish list is really boring. I would love batting, thread, and basting spray. I go through so many of these items and they are just not as fun to buy for myself as fabric. Plus, I love practical gifts! What a lovely bag, I love the DS fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Penny

    Thanks for the Give Away Day. I’d love to get some of the gifts you love to give away.

  96. Adorable bag! THanks for the chance!
    My wishlist, to dedicate more time and energy to my toddler boys for more art and craft time!

  97. jmniffer

    My wishlist is all fabric. I bought a new sewing machine this Fall and now I need somethin to sew! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  98. What a nice giveaway! I have been a subscriber for awhile and your blog is always so inspiring!
    My wish is that we have Happy Holidays this year! For a gift I would love a new sewing machine but that’s going to have to wait so I am hoping for a nice Aurifil thread pack and an Anthropologie sweater : )

  99. Megan

    New music and fabric.


  100. Well I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would love a sewing machine that does buttons.

  101. julie

    For Christmas this year I am hoping for a plane ticket to visit college friends! Although I think your bag might be in contention for the top of my Christmas list. Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  102. What a beautiful bag! On my wishlist this year is a Chicago Metallic Mini-Cheesecake Pan!

  103. Amber

    I want a FQ bundle of Echo by Lotta Jansdotter, but I will get socks instead! No really, I’m getting socks. But they’re my favorite wool socks, so I guess that’s okay 🙂

  104. Love that bag! I have a Dresden template on my Christmas list this year!

  105. Omg! I am so in love with this bag, I must have it!!! Love the pattern, love the fabrics. I would so wear this everywhere. What’s on my Christmas wishlist besides this bag?? Hmm, a new lens for my camera!! I’ve been a good girl! Hope Santa has noticed 😉

  106. kathy h

    Wonderful bag and surprises too . Aren’t you sweet. I would like some new applique scissors for Christmas.

  107. You have such neat give-aways! And the bag is great. My Christmas wish list is for a gift certificate to our LQS so I can go shopping for a new project!

  108. Lindsay

    I’m hoping for a fat quarter bundle of Pat Bravo’s Pure Elements this year.

  109. amelia

    lovely and bright! i love the dots 🙂

  110. I (lamely) just want some new cozy pajamas this year! I love the bag 🙂

  111. Oh, the practical ‘we need this for the house’ list is long (kitchen faucet is one near the top)! The crafty list? I think I already took care of that on black Friday weekend! I can always hope for more fabric or sewing books though 🙂

  112. I’m hoping for a new camera lens! My husband already caved and gave me the TOMS he bought me 🙂

  113. MB

    Echo fabric is on my wishlist! Love this bag!!!!

  114. leigh7911

    No way! That’s gorgeous. This year, I’d like someone to come clean and organize my sewing/guest room. Sigh…

  115. this is super lovely thank you and blessings. x

  116. Cecillia

    More fabric of course 😉

  117. Judy

    Thank you for participating and offering such a great bag as your giveaway gift.
    I’m a new follower so anxiously looking forward to being inspired by you and others.
    Christmas list – not wanting for anything really, just continue good health and happiness – oh and to learn how to use my new machine and make something terrific.

  118. Sew

    I have a dress form on my list, and pinking shears! So cute and I love surprises;) Thanks a bunch

  119. Sharon

    Thanks for the giveaway — I really love that bag and how you did the handles. Don’t have a wish list this year. Grandkids to buy for so that’s where our funds will go this year!!

  120. what a cute bag… I’m hoping Santa brings me some new sheets…(boring I know!)

  121. What a fun bag!! This year I’m feeling extremely practical and would love gift cards to some favorite shops.

  122. jenny

    Fantastic giveaway, love the fabrics you used for the bag! My wishlist this year is for giftcards for the local hobby/fabric shops! Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  123. I had an Accuquilt Go! Baby on my wishlist, but I broke my wrist recently and my husband’s wonderful aunt gave me a “get well soon” gift card that helped me buy one! So now I want dies for it 😀

  124. Mhairi

    I would love an iPad, a new cutting mat, lots of fabric or a cure for cancer.
    Nothing too expensive or elaborate.
    I would also love to find your bag under my tree but I guess I will be happy with whatever turns up.

  125. I am asking for money to get my broken tooth fixed. Not exciting at all, but I really, really want it!!!! Other than that, I really want new wool socks. I am pretty darn practical. Thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous bag! It is so pretty!

  126. i love that plaid lining! i want a kindle and a steam mop, glamorous huh?

  127. anne s.

    I am hoping for a new phone for Christmas, But I would LOVE to get that lovely bag too! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  128. Nancy C. in Utah

    Oh…I DO love this bag. Thank you so much for a chance to win it. My Christmas wish was realized last night when my grandson (we raised him from the day he was born), who I haven’t seen in over 8 months because he was away in the Air Force, came walking in last night, completely surprising me. I had talked to him just the day before and he told me he could get home until the 24th and then only for a few days. My entire family was in on this surprise and they told me I looked like a goldfish when he got to the top of the stairs. I couldn’t say anything…just kept opening and closing my mouth until I finally burst into tears and jumped up to get the greatest, most loving hug I have had since he left. Yup…my wish list is taken care of. He well be here until the 30th of Dec. I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. Hugs…

  129. I’m hoping for some vegies to plant in our garden. And maybe some flowers too!

  130. I am hoping for pinking shears. That’s it. A short list!

  131. Sarah

    My biggest wish is for a Kitchen-Aid mixer! The buttercream yellow one. Deliciously useful.
    This bag is adorable!

  132. Jeanette

    I would love to have a longarm quilting machine.

  133. I would love to have my living room painted…thats it.

  134. Emily

    Sweet bag and full of goodies no less! Thanks for hosting! I’m hoping for an ipod this year, I’ve been very very good!

  135. Michelle Olsen

    Such a cute bag, and a nice bonus that it is full of surprises! For Christmas I am hoping for the 5th & 6th hardcover compendiums of The Walking Dead graphic novels. I love zombies, and it’s my favorite zombie series. On the other end of the spectrum of interests, I also adore owls, My Little Pony, mushrooms, butterflies, fairies, and pretty much anything shiny…I’m contradictory like that 🙂

  136. Sara

    I’d love to find a child-sized mannequin under the tree, and some Echino.

  137. Ipod earbuds. Washed mine!!

  138. On my wishlist this year is some time to sew something for myself rather than others

  139. Katina

    I’d love an iPod for christmas!!

    Thanks for the really great giveaway!

  140. Lindsay F

    Sadly my christmas list this year includes socks and some new toys for my animals 🙂

    lindsay dot forgette at gmail dot com

  141. I would love a mp3 player or an e-reader

  142. I’m wishing for a bias tape maker! Oh, and a goodie bag!

  143. Marilize

    What a gorgeous bag – I love all the colours – it reminds me of Spring (my favourite season). Can I have the bag on my wishlist? teehee.

    I want a decent craft room for Xmas. One of those pinterest ones that make you stop and srool a little. Wonder if Santa can hook me up?

    Thank you for a great giveaway.


  144. Barbara Burkhalter

    What a beautiful bag!!! Would love to put it on my wish list!
    I received my Christmas with my birthday in November……I got
    an iPad.

  145. Sarah

    I asked for an ice cream machine! Thanks for the chance to win! ryansarahn at gmail dot com

  146. Fabric, fabric fabric is on my wish list this year!

    Come and visit my blog, I am joining in this give away too

  147. Eva

    What a gorgeous bag! I am hoping for a kindle this year!

  148. Marion

    I don’t have a real whishlist. I just need a little bit time for my little family, I whish for health and peace. Nothing more 😉

  149. Njeri

    Various sewing books and a new sewing machine.

  150. I would really love to take a sewing class this year. That’s the one thing on my wishlist. 🙂 Beautiful bag!

  151. Jackie

    A better economy and good jobs for all the hardworking college grads

  152. Yesh please!!
    LOVE this bag is really cute, adn full of goodies there’s anything better?
    In my wishlist on the first place is Time and a way to manage my time. I think my days will need more than 24h, I have a lots of projects and ideas but need more time 😀
    thank you so much for this chance to win.
    I’m having a giveaway too for the SMS giveaway day. Come and say Hi please

  153. Sandi K.

    Love the bag! The big ticket item on my wish list would be a Go! Fabric cutter. Not the Baby, mind you. I want the big one. I have a box of fabrics I’ve been collecting for a wedding ring quilt and the fabric cutter would really help with all that cutting.

    Thanks for the chance!

  154. i’d like a wacom tablet 🙂

    great bags!

  155. Oh, that bag is so wonderful! And it comes with hidden treasures!! Thanks for the chance to win it. I got an early Christmas present, so my wish list has been taken care of-a supreme slider to practice my FMQ. Hope it helps!

  156. What a lovely bag! My Christmas wish list is an embroidery machine! I hope Santa reads this! Thanks!

  157. Toni

    Oh, that’s just lovely!
    On my Christmas wish list this year, the only thing I really really really I hope I get, is a Kindle. Finally. Though there are tons of things I wouldn’t mind getting, including fabric. lol

  158. What a lovely tote! Thanks for making it possible to win it.

    I’m not asking for anything this Christmas because I want to put the money instead on a trip down south where it will be warmer than in Canada 🙂

  159. Super cute bag! Thanks for the chance to win!! My Christmas wish item is a new iron. There’s nothing wrong with mine, I’m being selfish and just want a new one!

  160. I love this bag!
    My husband and I bought a new TV stand/cabinet for our Christmas gifts this year rather than getting each other a few items under the tree. It won’t be ready until the end of January though. That will be it for us for Christmas gifts as our parents and siblings don’t get us gifts (at our request) and only buy for the kids.

  161. bess

    what a fabulous giveaway! my husband is happy to let me do the christmas shopping, so i know i’m getting a few quilting books i’ve been lusting after. 🙂

  162. annabelle

    You are to sweet, thank you. it looks wonderful, the bag plus goodies yay! My list, my walking foot is in the mail, I’m also wanting a new large cutting mat and a few other tools, a new large digital locking crock pot (hubby told me he is ordering it this week), my book wishlist is always long 😉 But the biggest thing is I get to see my mom for Christmas.

  163. Sara

    I’m really hoping for a Kindle Fire!

  164. Jen

    Such a pretty bag! I asked for some sewing books for Christmas this year!

  165. This is fabulous! I am just wishing for some fun craft supplies! It really is my favorite thing to receive! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  166. Love, love, love the bag!! I’ve admired this one ever since I saw it on flickr! My wishlist has the doll quilt book on it & a new down coat! Exciting right?!:)

  167. SewLindaAnn

    Your Noodlehead bag is fab! DS fabric and a great design – very sweet! This year under the tree I would really like a laptop computer. I know, big wish, but my computer keeps locking up and I really enjoy all my sewing stuff on it (aside from doing the bills, etc.) Love your blog, I’m a new reader and follower and from Roswell, GA! I might check out the MCQ sometime. I read a previous post that you loved potholders. Amy(During Quiet Time) hosts an amazing Potholder Pass on Flickr you might want to check out. Have a great Tuesday! (p.s. I’m also a fan of KLou patterns and have way too many)

  168. That bag is beautiful! I am hoping to get some new quilting rulers!

  169. All I want for Christmas is several full nights sleep in a row. 🙂

  170. Alina Rodgers

    A diamond anniversary band is what’s on my Christmas wish list, hope that my husband will get the hint. 🙂

    Thank you for the generous giveaway and the chance.

  171. I know this is sad, but I have not asked for anything this year. There really isn’t anything I need or want.

  172. Settlers of Catan Seafarers! Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  173. Kim

    love your bag!!
    on my list this year is lights for our renovation project. We need ceiling lights and fans in the living room and for the porch. 🙂

  174. Joy Martin

    Very neat bag! New cookie sheets are on my wish list!

  175. I don’t really have any special I’ve asked for this year. Just time with my family. I enjoy that the most.

  176. Leo

    ohh with all the green I forgot my wishlist-item, it’s new head-phones, good ones that keep out the backgroudn noise.

  177. SheSpinsSheKnitsSheSews

    What a cute bag!! Great giveaway! I asked for a quilting mat and rotary cutter. 🙂

  178. Sarah

    I’m moving overseas soon, so I’ve asked for luggage for Christmas.

    (my birthday is Saturday, and this would be such a great birthday present!)

  179. A Macbook Pro was on my list, but sadly, I wrote a check to my mechanic yesterday with the funds that would have bought it. Instead, I’m counting on a lovely, peaceful day spent with my hubby…. After all, it’s time with the loved ones that is the best gift of all, right?!

  180. that’s a gorgeous bag! i would really like a new ipod touch, but i’m not sure it’s in the cards this year.

  181. Beth

    My Christmas list is an immersion blender . . .hoping!
    Love the bag! thanks for the giveaway!

  182. I’d love to get an iPad, but I doubt Santa will bring me one this year. 🙂

  183. I asked for a new sewing machine. I have to upgrade a little at a time so I can eventually end up with a really great machine like a Bernina or Janome or something. Thanks for the giveaway Lindsay!

  184. I’d love some more jewlery this year, I’ve been hinting really hard to my hubby, but he usually forgets to get a gift.

  185. I love this! I’m hoping for EQ 7 this year.

  186. So cute! My Christmas wish list includes a kindle and lots of sewing/knitting supplies! bookgeekgirl at gmail dot com

  187. MarciaW

    On my Christmas wish list this year is a baby GO! with dies and mats… probably won’t get one. Otherwise, will enjoy watching 3 baby grandnieces celebrate their first Christmas at my house.

  188. On my list is a camera or iPad :o)

  189. Jaclyn

    I am wishing for an extension table for my viking!

  190. Elizabeth

    What a gorgeous bag! I have a pair of Toms to replace my beat up ones on my list–simple, and easy!

  191. Lisa

    Such a cute bag! Thanks for the chance to win. On my christmas list is an ipad.

  192. Deb

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! Besides a lot of sewing/fabric stuff I’m hoping to get some new winter boots and some cozy warm socks. I’m pretty practical at heart!

  193. What a lovely bag. I’ve only wished for one thing this year. A small digital scale.

  194. Theresa

    I’m wanting some new craft supplies.

  195. Christina G.

    A new pair of slippers tops my wishlist 🙂

  196. teammckown

    Super Cute! A Silhoutte die-cut machine!

  197. I am hoping for the new KnitScene magazine this year! Great giveaway!

  198. Danielle's Dish

    I want to win! I want to win!

    For Christmas I want new running shoes! Get my butt in gear 🙂

  199. What a totally cute bag! Lots of fabric is on my wish list!

  200. I had shoes on my wishlist… cuz I would rather stay home and sew than shop for shoes, and my younger siblings will get me something fashionable!

  201. poppyinpink

    I’d love world peace..ok, I’ll settle for peace with in my family!

  202. Karen D

    Fabric! And a bike rack for the car 🙂

  203. Great bag! Fabric is always on my wish list 🙂

  204. My wishlist has a new life on it…j/k. kinda. I would love to get the new Pfaff embroidery machine. 🙂


  205. I have a few new sewing machine feet and books on my Christmas wish list!

  206. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I love the bag, it’s do fresh and fun.

  207. Heather

    I’d love to get a Serger this year. So many projects I want to try!

  208. Charity Reesor

    Love, love, love the goodie bag 😉 on my wish list this year… to see my children have a wonderful time and to express understanding of the true meaning of Christmas in the things they say and do! And for lots of memories with the family!!!
    Merry Christmas ;D

  209. Snow is on my Christmas wish list!

  210. Esther

    I would love a Kitchenaid Mixer! Mine is an ancient one I got from my friend’s husband’s grandma when she passed away. I can’t go above the 1st speed or it starts smoking!! 🙂

  211. What I would really love if I had the money and the space would be a long arm machine and frame, never going to happen though!

  212. Josine Martens

    On my wishlist for this year: a rental home with place for my 2 girls and my 2 pets, where we can start a new fase in our lives.

  213. Amy

    On my wishlist are an Ott lite and an Accuquilt GO!

  214. teammckown

    What a generous giveaway! I would like Santa to bring me a self-healing mat and rotary cutter!

  215. Emma

    Love the bag! I already got my Christmas present (a new sewing machine) but am still wishing for some pretty fabric!

  216. Lael

    So gorgeous a bag! “99 Modern Blocks” is on my list.

  217. Amanda

    I really want a kitchenaid mixer

  218. lee

    What a nice blog and giveaway! On my list is one thing – a coffee grinder! thanks!

  219. Gina

    Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway! Two things on my wish list this year: fabric, and candy!

    Happy Holidays!

  220. Kathleen

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for the chance to win such a cute bag!

    My holiday wishlist… hmm…. I’d love to get one of those paper cutting machines… like cricut. That would be fun 🙂

  221. Becky

    Your bag of goodies in on my wishlist! Along with a wide angle lens for my Canon. beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

  222. Julie

    on my wishlist is yummy fabric and sewing books! thanks for the chance and merry christmas to you!

  223. Goodness, look at all these gorgeous bags everyone is making! Love it.

    I don’t have a list. I suppose that if I could have one thing it would be a vacation to look forward to next year…hopefully we can afford one.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  224. Erin B

    This year I just learned to knit so I want knitting needles in more sizes, patterns, and yarn.

  225. I think I’d have everything I could ever want, if our family could all be together. Lovely bag, and a generous helping of goodies!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  226. Leslie C

    What a fun giveaway! I have no special gift desires this year, I have everything I need, and things I don’t need, but want, are too expensive! However, I hope Santa leaves me a little bit of fabric in my stocking!

  227. I would love a Red Rider BB gun, just kidding. I would so love a Wind-trainer. It’s one of those contraptions you put your bike on so you can ride it indoors. It’s started snowing and the bike days are numbered.

    And I can’t wait to get into your photoshop quilting tutorial. I’ve been doing it a bit, but it hasn’t worked super well.

  228. Rebekah

    I really want Colette’s sewing handbook.

  229. Jenn

    My Christmas wish list includes a quiet, peaceful day with my family.

  230. Very cute bag! I have dinnerware plates on my list. They’re from Anthropologie and have sea creatures on them.

  231. What’s on my Christmas wishlist this year? Well, I actually bought it for myself 🙂 we’ve been living with only one car these past few months, since the summer, & we finally bought a new-to-us car last weekend, I’m calling that my Christmas present since it’s all I really wanted!


  232. Rachel D.

    My Christmas wishlist is fairly unrealistic (car, house, etc.) except I do want a new pair of black boots which I might just get! 🙂

  233. 3littledivas

    I want to get a gift card to Joann’s !
    Thanks 🙂
    mtrand2 at gmail dot com

  234. Annmarie

    I’m hoping for a new camera – mine has just about had it! I love surprises so I don’t even care what kind I’d get. I love your surprise bag too Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win.

  235. dianne mclean

    Wonderful giveaway. You are so thoughtful.
    jmclean at mts dot net

  236. CUTEST bag EVER!!!
    I’m wishing for the Bernia 830!!!!!

  237. samantha lam

    I love this bag!! This is on my wishlist!!

  238. yarn! i need something new and pretty for all the knitting projects id like to start 🙂

  239. margaret

    I’m wishing for more time to get my house organized. Oh, and a new sewing machine! 😉

  240. This year, I want only two things: (a) to sell our house, which has been on the market for 30 months, now, and (b) for my best friend to be healthy enough to enjoy a good holiday with her family.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! Hope you enjoy many new visitors to your site this week!

  241. Lindsay

    Great giveaway!

    I just want a clean house. Probably too much to ask for, though…

  242. Kim T.

    On my list this year is a new camera. and some new clothes. and I looove that bag!

  243. Adrianna

    I would really love some new kitchen gear this year!
    Love the bag!

  244. karli

    this year i would really love some plaid flannel pajamas or a fancy camera!

  245. Lobela

    I would love Kindle Fire for Christmas. Imagine the fun I could have shopping for a handmade cover for it.


  246. I need a new iron for Christmas. 🙂

  247. On my wishlist is a snap on cover for my phone. I am always cooking and taking pics and getting food on my phone…LOL! Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  248. That bag looks fabulous! It would be a prize in and of itself the stuff inside is just extra icing!

  249. Stacy

    I’d love to get some new sewing books this year.

  250. Socks. Weird, I know, but mine are just plain worn out! Fabric and books would be nice too.

  251. Michaela

    I’m hoping for a walking foot for my machine!

  252. jen

    A silhouette cameo and a new chair for my sewing desk (right now I sit on an old painting stool)

  253. What a pretty bag!
    I don’t have a wishlist. I just like spending time with my family. Easy to please, eh?

  254. Ellen M.

    What a great bag (and goody-filled too!). Thanks for the chance to win. I have free time on my wishlist – hope to get some!

  255. Zoe

    This is gorgeous! Fabric is always on my christmas list, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Santa (aka Mum) will oblige!

  256. Pam C

    Your bag is adorable! Having a landscape designer help me redo my yard is on my wish list for Christmas

  257. Surprise giveaways are the best!
    On my wishlist this year are a new pair of wellies, lots of yardage from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo line and a forever home for my cute foster chihuahua

  258. @pril

    Embroidery Machine

  259. Becky

    Beautiful bag!
    I’m hoping for a new camera bag and the oh so glamourous dust buster

  260. Crunchy Con Mommy

    I already got my big present-a sewing machine-as a Christmas/birthday present, so I’m just hoping for a fabric store gift certificate on actual Christmas. And some chocolate!

  261. Amanda H

    I want a new camera lens, probably not going to happen though, since it costs an arm and a leg. 🙂

    The bag is beautiful, and I love surprises! Thanks for the chance to win!

  262. Crystal Wonitoy

    So pretty, I love the colors and everything about this bag! I’m hoping for some Lush bubble bars under the tree!

  263. Elizabeth McDonald

    I love the bag! My Christmas list includes, mainly, time with my daughter who is coming to visit during the Christmas season!

  264. This is an amazing giveaway — I would feel like I won the lotto if I got this one! 🙂 I’ve really been hoping for some fabric and craft books from my Mom for Christmas!

  265. fern

    WOW! what a fantastic bag! Love your use of the fabrics!!! On my wishlist this year: to be moved into our new house! it’s been such a long and crazy process…

  266. Suzanne Jourdan

    On my wishlist this Christmas is some new winter gear (hat, scarf, gloves,etc). Happy Holidays! Enjoy Giveaway week!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at

  267. Stacey C.

    I know it sounds sappy, but I just want to spend Christmas with my family this year. That’s my wishlist. My husband was deployed this time last year, so I’m excited to be with him this year!

  268. Lara

    I’m hoping for some new shoes. I think it is a gift I will have to get myself 🙂

  269. Jane S.

    Wow that’s a pretty bag! Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

    I’ve got a couple of things on my Christmas list. One is a lap quilt, and the other is a portrait of Chris Isaak painted by my daughter. She specializes in portraits so I’m always happy to get something like that from her!

  270. My wishlist this year is all craft supplies and baking supplies. It’s just a cheap idea, but I’m so hoping my hubby got me the twin needles for my sewing machine (I hinted, begged, and emailed him links). I am excited to expand my sewing repertoire with just a simple needle swap!

  271. Tamie

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for participating. My wish list this Christmas includes some time for just for my family- of course, I’d love some fabric too.

  272. the bag is gorgeous! i don’t see how you can give it up…. 😉

    thanks so much for the chance to win – i totally need a new bag, and i spy books inside it, which is very exciting!

    that’s what is on my christmas list – quilt books! every year i ask for the books that have come out in the past year, and use my gift money to buy them myself after christmas.

  273. My wishlist includes some quilting books and notions, so I can wing it a little less and have corners that match a little more. 🙂

  274. emilia

    a gift of time to play with my sewing machine would always be appreciated

  275. I don’t really have a wish list this year. I got what I was wanting a bit early a dress form so I am a lucky girl!

  276. How awesome is this! You rock girl!

  277. I love your Go Anywhere bag. I bought the pattern, but haven’t gotten to making the bag. I love Anna’s patterns.

    I was hoping for a serger this Christmas. I was talking about how much easier it would make all the sewing I was doing for Christmas gifts and my husband left the room and came back with the serger he had gotten me. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I love it. Best Christmas, birthday, mother’s day present ever.

  278. wow what a pretty bag!! I am pretty weird…what is on my wishlist, you ask?? Why a Rockwell Versacut saw!! Oh the things I could make with that! See..told ya I was weird! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  279. On my Christmas list is, of course, fabric! I am hoping for some girly patterns for my daughter we are expecting in March 🙂 Time to get crafting.

  280. Ashley

    I love surprises. I am excited to know that if I win there will be some in the super cute bag you made. My major item on my wish list is a Nook Color, other than that I am just looking forward to spending time with my family!

  281. Sweet giveaway! Wish list-material things would be a Kindle FIre.

  282. majorasue

    What a fun bag. I don’t have anything realistic on my wishlist this year. Money is too tight for everyone.

  283. Honestly? Health for my family. My mom’s health isn’t the best, just found out my dad had a recent stint in the hospital, was in the ER last week with my hubby who had a seizure out of the blue. It’s just rearing up to be a rough christmas at this rate. :/ So I just want health for my family.

  284. Ok, well, this bag is now on my wish list. 🙂 I also want books!


  285. Binks

    Yay! Goody bags. I miss getting those little guys from friend’s birthday parties as a kid. Thanks for bringing it back.
    If one of my online fabric store shopping carts was bought for me, I would die. That’s all I’m asking for.

  286. Oh that bag is lovely. I am hoping for a new mini iron just for my sewing room

  287. This is an exciting giveaway! I’d love a fabric gift voucher so I could buy what I want guilt free!

  288. I love surprises! I think I might know what some of the items are inside the bag, but I am not completely sure. Hopefully I’ll win and the suspense won’t kill me! 😉

    I would love to get some fabric gift cards or a new iron for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. Hueisei

    I want more fabrics added to my stash.
    Thanks for the chance to win ^^v

  290. That bag is pure awesomeness! Its so pretty, and I love all the DS fabrics you used!

    I’m hoping for a new camera this christmas… and possibly a drill… but thats just the practical side of me showing!!

    Thankyou for the chance to win, it really is a lovely bag 🙂

  291. katie

    the bag is great! love the fabrics.
    for christmas I already picked out all of the sewing item I wanted… wrapped them with a tag from my husband to me.. and gave him the receipt. I’m getting exactly what I wanted!

  292. a new dresser. haven’t found the perfect one yet.

  293. Jo

    I am hopeing that I get a replacment for my engagement ring because it was stolen this year! I love the bag thanks for a chance to win.

  294. Amy

    My Christmas wish is for more fabrics! I love this bag-so cute!

  295. The only thing I asked for this year was a sewing table! We’ll see if Santa a.k.a. the hubsters, was listening 🙂

  296. Chiska

    The best gift will be if my husband doesn’t have to work at all on Christmas. That’s what I’m really hoping for.

  297. A couple of much-desired jelly rolls! (By the way, I haven’t forgotten that I agreed to participate in “pay if forward.”)

  298. I asked Santa for a new iPhone! 🙂

  299. Gina C.

    I’ve been wanting a nook or a kindle or something like that!

  300. Ann

    Great bag! Looks like Spring. Silly but I want a Dance Wii game to get me and my boys grooving.

  301. I love surprises! I am the surpriser in our family and I would love to be the surprisee with tha lovely bag of goodies!

  302. I’m single so I bought myself a Christmas present, a Cricut Expression that I’ve wanted for some time now.

  303. Kim S.

    Any dress from Mod Cloth! Thanks. Merry Christmas!

  304. Michelle

    My Christmas wish..I haven’t really thought about it. I just would really like to get all the gifts I am making done before Christmas. That would be wonderful! 🙂

  305. amorette

    let’s see…fabric, a new cutting mat, dri fit shirts for running, running tights, rimmed baking sheets are aren’t nonstick (very hard to find!) and skirts.

  306. Amy Belote

    #1 on my wishlist this year is an ipad or laptop so more than one person in the house can be on the ‘net at a time.

    ab3belote at gmail dot com

  307. Amy

    I would love a new lens for my camera! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  308. Dawn P

    Beautiful! My Christmas wish is mainly to get all of my family here so we are all together for Christmas. Some extra fabric and sewing supplies would be good too 🙂

  309. ohhh…that bag is gorgeous!!!!!! My christmas list was completed about a month ago. A new iPad. Now, I am just focused on finishing everyone else’s gifts and getting things wrapped and shipped (The giving is what i really enjoy!). Great giveaway! Thank You & Merry Christmas!!

    mugirl113 at gmail dot com

  310. baukje

    I would love to have some quiltbooks

  311. My list is simple this year because I have received just about everything I wanted or needed throughout the year. I’m just glad to be able to share with others

  312. Erica

    Oooh!!! My wish list is simple…. I want a happy and healthy year for my family. 2011 was rough, so we are all looking forward to the new year! Of course I wouldn’t turn down some nice wine or chocolates… to share of course!

  313. Lindsay F

    I am hoping for a new Ipod nano and some socks

    lindsay dot forgette at gmail dot com

  314. Linda

    Hello, Love your awesome bag, what a great giveaway. On my wish list this year is a Nook. Thanks for the chance to win. Linda

  315. well, books, books and books are on my wishlist…LOL
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize.
    Kind regards from Germany.

  316. My wish list includes a new iron for crafting (which I know I’m getting!) and some Ruby fabrics

  317. Great bag. I love the DS fabrics you used.

    On my list is udated photos of all the grandchildren.

  318. wow – fantastic giveaway!
    I would really like some “proper” dressmaking “shears” (coz proper fabric scissors are not scissors but shears lol)
    I also have a rather big book wishlist with a certain online retailer!

  319. Addie

    What charming fabric you used to make this bag. I have a Janome sewing machine on my Christmas list. Thank you for the giveaway.

  320. jamie w

    i would love a sewing machine for christmas

  321. Cherie Webb

    On my list is: a serger, rolling tote to haul my sewing machine, good wooden spoon set….

  322. Christie S.

    My list is short this year. I really need a hand operated can opener. The only one I have is electric. What if the electricity goes off and I need to open a can?

  323. Hello! Thanks for a great giveaway! A new sewing machine’s on my wish list! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  324. I really really want a Kindle Fire, and am hoping my husband actually gets it. I am really also hoping that my baby waits to come until after Christmas to get here, which is what I am really hoping for!

  325. slacker

    The #1 spot on my Christmas wishlist is a spinning wheel, but I don’t forsee that one happening. I asked my sisters for some beanbag chairs – those would be way awesome. Next on my list is a much more practical, and thus more likely, gift of new bedsheets.

    Thank you!

  326. love the bag! gorgeous. my wishlist this yr would be a new laptop. because my current one is dying on me. TQ for the giveaway.

  327. Books are always in my wish lists and I can see a couple inside your bag which makes this giveaway even better (though the bag by itself is very tempting too!) 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  328. Kayla

    Adorable bag! I love the dots!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  329. Lynn

    I love the bag! Thanks for the giveaway. A trip to NYC is on my wish list…I want to go to the American Folk Art Museum 🙂

  330. cute bag!
    I really want a light table, hope Santa is reading this!

  331. Andrea Methvin

    I have wanted to sew up that Noodlehead pattern for a while. You did it beautifully! My Christmas list has books-books-books on it!

  332. Tara

    I would like to have a thermos from the 60s or 70s. Lovely bag!

  333. Teresa from Florence, Alabama

    I want Santa to bring me an Ipad2 but I will settle for the Kindle Fire or Nook tablet. I am not too picky.

  334. Jessica Helen

    On my wishlist is pinking shears! I need them for sewing! 🙂

  335. Jackie

    I love to give more than get, but I would love a new cutting board

  336. Katy(LethargicLass)

    That is such a gorgeous bag! I am hoping for a new (even new -old) computer lol

  337. Jqluo

    More fabrics!!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway and a chance to win!

  338. Niciole

    Wow! great giveaway! On my list…a new rotary cutter…i’ve worn my old one out! thanks

  339. Jodi

    I am new to sewing and quilting so my wish list includes beautiful fabrics to start my “Stash” because following all these super creative people with their beautiful but enormous fabric Stash’s gives me terrible Stash Envy.

  340. sangeetha

    a finished basement

  341. LauraH

    I have a dress form on my list this year and I hope I get one!
    laurahughes at charter dot net

  342. cathy

    I would like the Bernina Serger Technique Reference Book for Christmas!

  343. What a great giveaway! I hope Santa brings me some new fabric! Thanks!

  344. Ivy P Motuyang

    i’ve eyeing this bag for so long. when i saw your giveaway on sms, i want to try my luck. thanks.

  345. Pretty bag and the goodies look great! My number 1 item is a serger. I’ve started trying to make clothes for my preschooler so I’ve been dreaming about one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  346. michelle

    what sweet colors you used! I would love to win your bag.

    On my christmas list are two books, one on hand stitches for quilting, embroidery and hand sewing. I am self taught and hope to gain skill, to be able to create beautiful stitches. I also hope to get a book on making a quilt journal and a book on photography, something I’m learning as I learn quilting. A lot of learning going on!



  347. Kylie C

    I’ve been dropping hints about a GO! Cutter for months now. Hopefully Santa brings me one! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  348. Terry

    My wishlist includes some attractive baking dishes. My present ones are ones I received as wedding presents 37 years ago. They look dated and ugly.

  349. addie

    Lovely bag! I have nothing on my wish list this, after having my baby boy in August I there’s nothing else I desire. Other then his grins and snuggles.

  350. Jeannie D

    What a sweet, girlie bag! You are very generous too.
    On my wish list? A trip to Paris, France for my 60Th birthday in Jan. ! 😀 But I won’t hold my breath….


  351. Valerie DeLap

    Books–for sewing, cooking, baking, sewing, fiction.

  352. LOVE that bag! 🙂 I would really like some Good Fortune fabric. Or, a gift card to buy some. Thanks for the chance!

  353. Fran

    Love the bag & the fabric choices really make it! I’m hoping for some fabric for Christmas. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  354. i would love to get knitting stuff for chrismass – and healthy kids!

  355. Sarah

    This bag is beautiful! I would love an ice cream maker for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  356. Ann

    Love the bag! I’m hoping for an iPad.

  357. Katrin

    We are moving, so I hope for gift cards for the home improvement store. Then I can paint! I love the fabrics you picked!

  358. Veronica

    I want a sonic jewelry cleaner!

  359. Ok. don’t laugh … but I really want a tree limb trimmer. :o) We live on 10 acres and I love to keep it looking nice. :o)
    Thank you for such a lovely give a way. I just adore the bag that you made! It would be perfect to tote my yarn around in. :o)
    I too am having a little give a way, would love to have you drop by.
    Have a great day. Sincerely, Trish

  360. Thanks Lindsey for your very generous giveaway. The bag is really special. Have just joined your site and will revisit to browse. Have asked Santa for the knitting book ‘Cables, Diamonds, Herringbone’ by Sabine Domnick.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours

  361. I don’t really have much on my list (although you can never have enough fabric), but I’m really excited that my entire family is going to be together for Christmas this year

  362. Cheri

    I absolutely love your Go Anywhere Bag. Fabric is on my wish list, and a Kindle is as well.

  363. Danijela

    This is amazing,wonderful giveaway,so generous of you.On my wish list is always yarn and currently one little doll for my daughter I can’t find anywhere>
    Happy holidays!!!

  364. Trip to Sweden and Finland to see friends I haven’t seen for 30 years.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  365. Christie

    On my list is some Ruby fabric and a Janome sewing machine.

  366. Merino wool. In lots of cute colors. I took up knitting again this year and merino wool is soooo lovely!

  367. meghan

    I really need a new sewing machine.

  368. Christina

    This year I want a house, but I’d settle for some fabric.

  369. I would like fabric, thread, needles, quilting books, patterns, wadding, did I mention fabrics????Thank you for teh giveaway!

  370. I’d love some weekend babysitting service! :>

  371. I’d love a new lens {dream big, right?}

  372. Pat S

    I’m hoping for a kindle and of course a gift card to Joann’s.

  373. Natalie

    What a great bag. I don’t really have a wishlist this year. At least not for things. Although I would love more time. To sew and hang out with the grandkids. Thanks for the giveway.

  374. This bag is one of my favortites! On my wishlist is to have a couple afternoons to myself to sew sometime soon!

  375. Mama Bear

    I love the bag! Bias tape maker and a Silhouette are at the top of my wishlist.

  376. How wonderful! Thanks for the chance! On my wishlist is a red Mustang (not gonna happen)!

  377. Jenn Matteson

    What a great bag!!!! Thanks for the chane to win..

    On my wishlist for Christmas is a keurig. We’ll see…I think I have been good this year 😀

  378. What a super awesome giveaway!
    On my wishlist is more cardmaking supplies- I’m hoping for more paper punches (as if I don’t have enough) and plenty of other fun stuff. A bag swap sounds like an amazing amount of fun. I like to swap my paper products for other things and have got many of my Christmas gifts that way.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  379. Great bag! I would love a Kindle Fire this year. 🙂

  380. Taryn

    I want an espresso machine, so I can stop going to Starbucks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  381. Dana

    Fabric, just fabric. I can’t think of anything else that I want. Thanks.

  382. I have a few items that may not sound very exciting, but I’d love to have; a bias tape maker, a bundt pan, and an old school RPG called Baldur’s Gate.

  383. Heather

    How lovely! I don’t have a wish list this year, not for myself, anyway. I just hope for a healthy, happy holiday and good times with friends and family. It would be nice to start the new year rested and rejuvenated!

  384. Anna

    Great bag! I want a rotisserie oven this year.

  385. Ana

    This year I have a rotary cutter on my wish list!

  386. Ramona

    I want some free time to paint and organize my new sewing room! I also love surprises and this sure looks like a fun one.

  387. Vanessa Bershatsky

    A craft space of my very own. The arrival of baby #2 pushed me out of my old space. But I think it was a fair trade!

  388. What a gorgeous bag!

    My Christmas wish list this year includes a new camera (because mine’s gone kaput) and a flying geese ruler. No fabric, though. I have plenty to last me for a while.

  389. Something big on my Christmas list was a bread loaf pan. I make bread fairly often, and always have to buy the disposable aluminum pans. Hopefully no more!

  390. fenna

    awesome giveaway !!!!

  391. Meghan

    I want a Go Baby fabric cutter!

  392. Kate F.

    What an insanely generous giveaway! Thank you. My Christmas wishlist includes a free motion foot for my sewing machine. It went on sale for $4 on Amazon this week (I use a pretty cheap beginner model machine for now, but cheap accessories are the one perk) so I just may get my wish!
    akmajor (at) gmail (dot) com

  393. I’m wanting Expedit shelves and a new tv.

  394. Kathy

    What a great giveaway. I got a new car, but on my wishlist is a go baby and an hello kitty Janome – turquoise for fun, and future sewing with my granddaughter.

  395. Liz B

    I love surprises!
    My family actually keeps updated wishlists online to aid in gift giving amongst relatives who live far apart. My wishlist is full of lots of books, sewing supplies (white thread!), jewelry, and my dream item, the long arm quilting machine!
    Thanks so much for the chance at your giveaway.

  396. Shayla

    I’d love to have some yarn or fabric for Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway.

  397. I love surprises! I’m wishing for fabric and time to sew it up!

  398. Kim McM

    Ooh, I see books in that bag! And books are always on my Christmas wishlist. Thanks for what looks like an amazing giveaway!

  399. The thing I won’t get that is on my wish list is a silhouette!

    oh well

  400. Now that I have seen this bag, it is on my wishlist!

  401. Oh my gosh….you have an amazing giveaway!! I’m crossing my fingers and toes….look at that gorgeous bag and all the goodies!!!
    Thanks for being so generous:)
    On my Xmas wish list this year…a drop spindle…I love to knit too.

  402. chibidani

    My wishlist includes:

    Good Eats: The Middle Years
    a tortilla press
    a scarf/jewelry hanger
    some good chocolate

    Thanks for this!
    chibidani at gmail dot com

  403. Rachelle

    I would love to get a wilton cake decorating set. thanks for the chance to win.

  404. Ballardquilter

    More fabric

  405. I’ve been wanting this pattern! I’m hoping to get some new pizza pans. Boring, I know…Thank you! mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  406. Francine McGee

    My Christmas wishlist is for a new sewing machine and more time.

  407. elflyn

    Awesome giveaway!
    My Christmas wish is simple just that my family have a joyful, peaceful time as it is the last year before my son joins the army.

  408. Holly Schilling

    My gift wishlist was fulfilled, but what I wanted was a Kurieg Coffee maker

  409. Elke

    I don´t know if it´s just in time. But here in Germany is morning and your prizes are so wonderful, and so I try it. Maybe I´m lucky?

  410. S

    I wish for new clothes, a polar watch, books and many other things.
    I like this bag, would love to win it:

  411. Erica

    I’d love a couple of new feet for my old Bernina 530 and some time to sew with it. Love that bag sooooo much 🙂

  412. Craftgirl83

    Cute bag! I’m wishing for a Kindle…

  413. Liz

    TOMS! I really want some navy ones! Thanks!

  414. Your bag is so beautiful!!!!

    I don’t have much on my wishlist because I have 3 little girls, so now is more about them than me, but I am hoping on Mother’s Day to get 2 Ruby charm packs and a few books I have on my Amazon wishlist. I really want Sunday Morning Quilts when it is published!

  415. Ooh what a nice giveaway! No wonder you have so many comments. I’d like a ruffler foot for my serger (baby girl coming next month! must make things with ruffles!)… or something I know I”m getting, the exciting made-in-Italy-not-in-China Peg Perego stroller/travel set.

  416. My Christmas wish list is small this year because I don’t need much. I would love an Oak rocking chair from Cracker Barrel, a Swiss Gear laptop air travel bag and a cover for my Kindle. Otherwise, just being with my family makes it so great. As long as we celebrate the real reason for the season along with the fantasy aspect I am a happy camper.

  417. I just wanted to leave a short note that I am a new follower of your blog. I “like” what you do very much. Merry Christmas and Thank You for a sweet giveaway. Who wouldn’t love a goodie bag?

  418. What a fun prize! On my wishlist, maybe some chocolate and some books. I really don’t need anything. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  419. Nell

    What a beautiful bag! I’m hoping for a label maker, and either some new boots or a new coat. I’m also hoping for a goodie bag!! :o)

  420. My wish list is just for my kids to have a good one. 🙂 (Probably because I already got my new phone. LOL) Love this bag! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  421. Great giveaway–thanks for the chance! I’m wishing for some days of sleeping in while the kids are on break. 🙂

  422. Nancy Sue

    My Christmas list this year includes a day pass (to be redeemed at my convenience) to a stay-cation in my quilt room. All meals , entertainment, and chores will be performed by hubby hero and my 4 yr old hero jr. 🙂 Day pass= 8 hours, but history shows that I’m good for 2 hours and then I’m back in the thick of things 🙂 Also hemming of all hero pants are not permitted during the staycation!

  423. very cute bag! I really want a fm transmitter to use my iphone in my car!

  424. Joy

    Your bag is lovely! Thanks for the fun giveaway chance!

  425. I would love to have a serger but that isn’t in the cards this year.
    I also have a scarf on my list:)
    Thank you for the opportunity, love the tote!

  426. heather

    So pretty! On my Christmas wish list are quilting supplies and fabric. Thank you for sharing!
    (hrmaris at yahoo dot com)

  427. What a lovely giveaway! I hope I win. 🙂

    On my list this year are lots of books, fabric, the Wiksten patterns…lots of supplies!

  428. Nicole D.

    I LOVE surprises and I especially LOVE goodie bags! On my Christmas list this year is _Sewing Modkid Style_ and I would love an iPod touch with a camera, but that’s not really going to happen… Merry Christmas!

  429. Ellen

    Would love to see an iron that works better than my on-its-last-leg iron. No dripping,sputtering. Uck. Can’t use steam anymore.

  430. Brooke

    a new sewing machine!

  431. BlackAsphodel

    A full length mirror!

  432. Love the bag! On my wish list is an iPad.

  433. Michele

    Love the bag! And the goodies! I’m asking for a rotary cutter for Xmas!

  434. DebbieKL

    I’m hoping to get some new pottery/dishes this year!

  435. Rose

    What a lovely bag.

    My wish for Christmas is a skein of yarn and a needle size I do not already have.

  436. Nancy

    Love the bag. Goodies in it are a extra bonus!

  437. An iPad has been on my wish list since they came out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  438. This year I’m hoping for a new scarf. My no-way-in-a-very-hot-place-will-I-ever-get-it-list would be a serger.

  439. A child sized mannequin is on my wishlist (but that bag is seriously awesome!)

  440. Joyce Caston

    Accuquilt Go is at the top of my wish list this year. Love your blog!

  441. I don’t really have a Christmas wishlist, but now that I think of it, a book that helps me figure out how to fit patterns to myself would be great!

  442. I love a surprise! My wishlist-a brand new shiny pair of danskos! Happy Holidays!

  443. Andi

    Time is on my wishlist!!

  444. I wish more time and… fabric!

  445. i would like something handmade this year.

  446. Michaeleen

    I am wishing that I would get a new serger. Mine is driving me crazy and not obeying my commands while I am finishing up some Christmas gifts.

    The bag you are giving away is adorable!!

  447. On my wishlist…to get my Christmas shopping done! I think I’m too late to win, but I do love this bag! Beautiful!

  448. Michelle Fuller

    The one thing I want for Christmas is the new Collette sewing book. They have a great deal on the website where you get two patterns and the book for $50. I hope my husband got the email I forwarded him about this deal. Thanks for the giveaway!

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