Handmade Holiday :: Teacher Gifts

We had 7 teachers to give to this year and I was struggling trying to come up with the perfect gift.

I really wanted them to know how much I appreciate their part in my children’s lives and for a crafter, something handmade is about as ‘heartfelt’ as it gets.

So handmade it was!

I came up with the idea to give them each a corkboard tile that I stenciled and adorned with thumbtacks made from fabric covered buttons.     I LOVE how it turned out and each teacher seemed to really like their gift.

I found some ‘notebook’  scrapbook paper and cut it up into cards to tack to the front.     I had the kids sign their name and then we wrapped them up.

I used this tutorial for the thumbtacks and just used a larger size button.    The corkboards are the 12×12 tiles that come in sets of 4 and I made a quatrefoil stencil using my Silhouette.

I’m trying to think ahead for next year’s gifts, any ideas?






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4 responses to “Handmade Holiday :: Teacher Gifts

  1. Charity Reesor

    I love this idea! So adorable!!!

  2. Those are adorable! I love them!

  3. Julie

    i love it, pinned it to try myself!

  4. Katie

    I love these and just purchased my own Silhouette! Any chance you’d be willing to walk me through your creation of the stencil? I’d like to use this as a motif in my upcoming wedding.

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