Quilt in progress

The Dream Circle of do. good stitches started up in November.   I’m hosting, so the first month I was in charge of designing and quilting our 2 quilts.

My idea was to do a quilt like this:

Source: flickr.com via Val on Pinterest

Each of the ladies made gorgeous blocks!

I messed up though.

I should have assigned a few people to make single squares, blocks with 2, blocks with 3 etc.     Instead I just said, do what you want!

So, I got lots of single squares and not very many multiples and the sizes are too large for a baby quilt to get the look I was going for.    Lesson learned, in a bee like this, specifics are important!

I needed to come up with a new plan since I have blocks for a boy quilt and a girl quilt.    I brainstormed for awhile,  folded the fabrics and arranged them different ways and this is what I came up with.

Crossing my fingers the ladies are okay with the fact that I reconfigured their blocks.  eek!

We are making quilts to benefit Project Night Night.  They are a wonderful organization who provide little bags with a quilt, book and stuffed toy for homeless children.

I hope that the quilts can be a source of security and comfort for these kids.  Something that can stay with them no matter where they are.   I know how much my kids love the blankies they sleep with at night.

I had a few small pieces left over and decided I wanted to piece the word ‘dream’ into the quilt somewhere.

I’m excited to finish this and the boys quilt and get them delivered!



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7 responses to “Quilt in progress

  1. Surprising and wonderful!
    I’m just starting my first flickr bee, and I’ve wondered how people feel about their blocks being reconfigured. Please let us know how the bee responds.

  2. amorette

    it looks really amazing, and unexpected. i should hope they will like it, because it is beautiful and fun!

  3. What a great ideas – love the dream!

  4. That is a super cool design! I love how you chopped up and rearranged the blocks! 🙂

  5. i love the dream! so much!

  6. LOVE what you came up with!! Your so talented! you know… ehemm, i know 2 boys whose mama would swoon if they had a special “lindsey rhodes quilt!”… just sayin’ 😉

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