Birthday Week: Day 4

Welcome Back!

Today I’m sharing a 1/2 yard bundle from my stash of Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson!

These are such beautiful fabrics.   The colors are soothing and rich and I just love the skeleton keys!  I hope it’s something you will love too!

For a Chance to Win:

1. The skeleton keys make me think of my friend Danielle who collects them.    Leave a comment and share, Do you collect anything?   I collect old Aqua Ball canning jars, letter R’s, vintage quilt tops and of course fabric!

Open to everyone (US and International).   All giveaways will remain open until Monday, Feb 13th at 10pm est and I will announce all winners from the week on Feb 14th.    Remember a new giveaway will start each day at midnight through Friday!

Please make sure to enter your email so that I can contact you if you win.


Seems like a lot of us are new to Zakka.   I shared a bit more about what Zakka is here, take a peek.

If you missed any of the previous giveaways, I’ve listed them here:

Day 1:  Washi Fat Quarter Bundle

Day 2:  Pure Elements Fat Quarter Bundle, donated by the Fat Quarter Shop

Day 3:  Autographed copy of Rashida Coleman-Hale’s Zakka Style book

xo, Lindsey



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121 responses to “Birthday Week: Day 4

  1. Beth T.

    I think my sweetheart would tell you I collect everything, but mostly I get attached to things that have sentimental meaning, and for me that means things that belonged to people I love, even very practical things. As far as actual collecting goes, I really love vintage portraits of people and their pets. They are priceless–the people are usually quite stiff and dressed up, while the dogs are smiling and relaxed.

  2. I’m not much of a collector – except for fabric. You can never have enough fabric.

    Thanks for sharing! Sandi Henderson is so yummy.

  3. Besides fabric? 😉 Vintage Mickey anything! Thanks for sharing your stash! 🙂

  4. I’m not a collector, except for fabrics.

  5. Sandy

    I collect yarn, does that count? I plan to knit it , one day…

  6. I used to collect tea sets, but condo living means limited space so the only thing I collect now is fabric.

  7. I used to collect angels, but don’t anymore. Now i collect fabric and books that I want to read but never have time for because I am too busy sewing.

  8. I collect owls and wooden boxes. You can’t have enough boxes to store things in!

  9. Charity Reesor

    Ok now letter R’s, that’s interesting!!! Well, I always seem to collect and then abandon my collections. When I was younger it was frogs, then when I got married it was teapots, then as a craft lover it was pincushions. And now, well I wouldn’t say I’m inclined to “collect” anything. Possibly the best answer I can give to that question is…. Memories! I collect memories 😉 Now if the question was what do I accumulate, then the answer would be far different…lol!

  10. I collect writing utensils! Pens mostly…I know it’s weird but I have an obsession for a good writing/drawing pen. I also have a large collection of books. Last count it was over 200. Yikes!

  11. Maeve

    Lovely fabrics! I collect (of course) fabrics, baskets (esp. the beautiful sweet grass baskets of the Lowcountry around Charleston, SC, hearts of all kinds (jewelry, prints, stones shaped like hearts, quilted hearts, etc.), books and more books, angels, and art work of all kinds for the fun of it.

  12. ira

    I collect yarns 😀

  13. Those keys are my favorite print too! As far as collecting goes, I used to collect rocks… now it’s just fabric. 😉

  14. i think you are one truly sweet and openly generous soul to be so kind to people for a whole week on your birthday. isnt the world a better place because of your birth.
    the skeleton key fabric is tops ! ive never seen it before…
    i collect old poetry books. i collect old blue mason canning jars. i love scissors. i find it very hard to walk away from any enamel bowls or pitchers for sale, particularly if they are red, or blue, or black.
    ok or green.

  15. These are really beautiful fabrics Lindsey! Thanks for the giveaway again…
    I collect books, wool, fabric and also have a large collection of art materials! In fact you could say I am a magpie collector… It has been remarked that I probably have one of everything in my craft room!

  16. Fran

    I love these fabrics, so gorgeous! I don’t collect anything really, though I suppose you could say that I collect fabric – not really though, as I use my fabrics to make things & to me a collection is something that you have to look at rather than use. That may sound as though I’m making excuses – oh well!

  17. Elizabeth McDonald

    One thing I collect is buttons! I fill mason jars with buttons all of one color, and right now they fill a shelf. Help! I need to know what to do with these buttons, although I must say they are very pretty in the jars! (Thanks for the explanation of Zakka – I followed your link!)

  18. Caillean Z

    I collect fabric, books and penguins. And I would love to add some more fabric to my stash. Thanks for the give-away.

  19. Just fabric and other sewing bits and pieces, most of it I use though. Used to collect stamps and Erasers when i was a kid

  20. Covadonga

    i love the one with the keys!!!!!

  21. Gill

    Great fabrics!
    Apart from fabric(!) I collect chairs! my house is overrun with them!

  22. Ooooh, what beautiful fabric! I collect old sewing bits and pieces, although they’ve gotten really expensive in the last few years. And fabric goes without saying!

  23. Audrey

    I love that fabric too and unfortunately have run out of the red keys. I collect patches from places I visit. Lately I’ve thought they might be fun to sew into a bunting.

  24. Sue SmilesAlot

    I like Vintage sewing patterns. I have a small collection. But other than that, nothing really.

  25. Lisa Marie

    I don’t collect anything now but when I was a kid I used to collect matchbooks from places I went. I guess that makes me old because who gives out matchbooks anymore? I have a HUGE brandy snifter full of them. I guess if I went through and looked at them I would remember lots of places I’ve been, but I don’t actually do that. Oh well, seemed like a cool thing at the time.

  26. I collect antiques and retro furniture, although there’s not much space left for any more stuff! I also seem to be collecting fabric, oh and I just realised like Lisa Marie – I used to collect matchbooks a long time ago (I wonder if I still have them).

  27. Laura

    Another great give away!!! Those are great fabrics, especially the key one. Skeleton keys always remind me of one of my favorite movies: Beetlejuice.

    I dont really collect anything, except maybe fabric. 🙂

  28. I collect fiestaware pieces and silver spoons.

  29. My only true collection is fabric, but I’m starting a vintage Pyrex collection for my sewing room!

  30. Happy Birthday Week! I collect cake stands….they’re just so pretty!

  31. I swear we have the same taste in fabric! I was just eyeing those keys the other day over at Sew Mama Sew! When I was younger, I collected dolls, but at this point, I pretty much collect fabric. 🙂

  32. Jess (BeeSewSweet)

    That is lovely fabric! I’d say I collect fabric and patterns!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Emma

    I have a great doll collection but mostly from when I was a kid. I went through a cow kick in college and grad school. Now I just collect fabric!

  34. I collect the Royal Copenhagen blue fluted dinner service. That and then i hoard… I mean collect fabric as well 🙂

  35. Becky Greene

    Lately all I have collected is fabric and ideas on Pinterest. Definitely the obsessions of the moment! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway – hope your whole week has been super-happy!

  36. Other than fabric! I seem to be downsizing rather than collecting these days, but pottery always draws me in. Thanks for yet another amazing giveaway.

  37. annabelle

    I have a thing for old books esp children’s books, love them. Of course there is the ever grow stacks and basket fulls of fabric 😉

    thank you

  38. jmniffer

    I used to collect snowmen, until they overwhelmed my space. Now, I am starting to collect fabric. Thanks for the chance to add some fabric to my little collection.

  39. Love Sandi Henderson and those colors are beautiful 🙂 Collect: fabric and bag patterns, cookbooks, art supplies (esp. great pens!) oh and I suppose crafty books. No wonder my house is so full…teehee.

  40. wapiti

    I am a fabric-addict and a book-collector. I love the texture of fabrics and the sparkling colors of the latest designs. For these fabrics you give away I’ll surely find a place and a nice pattern!!!

  41. Monica

    I don’t really collect anything. I’ve tried collecting this or that over the years but once they started to take over my house I got rid of them.

  42. I love collecting feed sack fabrics. However, I am actually turning part of my collection into a quilt, so I can enjoy them in a completely new way! And my grandmother is gifting her collection of handblown glass vases to me, one at a time. So I am graciously acquiring anothers collection.

  43. I don’t really collect anything, but my family would say that I “collect” (maybe hoard a little) fabric and old family photos. I know that I should do something with them, but I haven’t yet.

    What beautiful fabric — they will look so good in my swoon blocks

  44. I love to antique collect glass pieces from the 30’s to 50’s. Except my hutch is completely filled up now, and is a bear when I have to dust it all. There are some truly gorgeous vases, bowls, dishes, out there, and often times less expensive than if you bought new! haileybarb at cox dot net.

  45. fenna

    I dont’ really collect much other than fabric–I have a tendency to clean/get rid of things I don’t use and I hate dusting so I try not to have too many things around the house to dust 😛

  46. Mary Jo Larson

    I did have a bell collection years ago but I would have to say that the only collection I have now is fabric and yarn and books to go with. Thanks

  47. I collect anything green (for the most part) and anything old (old jars, toolboxes, books)!

  48. I do have a collection or two! i love old alarm clocks especially those that work and make loud ticking.

  49. Rebecca

    Other than fabric – I have a strange love for pens! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  50. my most intense collecting spree was in 5th and 6th grade when I fell victim to the Beanie Babies fad…and I still have a ton of them that my kids love, so not a total loss, right?

    Now I seem to be collecting awesome fabric, and I love finding mugs to have hot chocolate in. And cookbooks. I’m not much of a huge collector though.

    Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!

  51. Sharlyn

    Oooooooo definitely Fabric! My seven year old tells me I have enough, to which I reply: “Never! Never enough!”

  52. Eryn

    A better question would be what don’t I collect? Right now, I’m into collecting sewing themed objects… my best finds being a sewing machine teapot and and an iron shaped covered candy dish. Both equally awesome scores!! I love love love these fabrics – Sandi Henderson is amazing. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  53. I collect snow globes. The cheesier the better.

  54. Luckily the only thing I collect is fabric. If I had any other collections we might need a new house.

  55. Julie

    i have a lot of books, books on everything i am interested in, sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, cooking, japanese language, yoga…..and of course fabric!

  56. I try to collect money but somehow it doesn’t work that well *sigh*

  57. Linda R.

    I collect Russian Matroishka Dolls.

  58. karen serna

    i’m sure i have too many collections, however, one of my favorites are milk glass. thanks for the great giveaway!

  59. Jen

    I don’t really collect anything except for fabric and sewing books!

  60. Lizzie

    Love Zakka, the more I see! I am a hopeless collector of doilies/hotpads, the odder the better! Love this crips colloection you put up for the giveaway. Happy birthday week!

  61. I used to collect green depression glass. I also love Fiesta ware dishes, and pottery in general!

  62. i collect cats. at least, i have 3, so it feels like that sometimes.

  63. I collect buttons. When I was a kid, I would spend hours playing in my grandma’s giant tin of buttons she got from her mother. I loved hearing the stories behind special buttons, sorting them into groups, and spent a lot of time using them as math manipulatives. Unfortunatly during the early years of alzheimer’s disease she donated them. Ever since, I’ve been building my own collection.

  64. I am definitely a bit of a hoarder but the main thing I collect is fabric (and magazines)

  65. Well, funny enough I though I collected fabrics, but lately I came to the conclusion that is thread what I do collect!!!!. Thank you for the chance.

  66. Hmmm…I wouldn’t say I actively “collect” anything. But I have a habit of picking up old wooden boxes (cigar boxes, etc) & old tins at garage sales. I’m not entirely sure why!
    Could you please tell me what colours those solids are? I LOVE love love that Wallflowers print & just ordered some solids (Kona) I thought might ‘match’ it well. I hope it was those ones, they look great with it!

  67. Lots of things, old buttons, FABRIC, keys (yes, like your friend!), elephant statues (good luck symbols), vintage glassware, blue ball jars. Most are small collections (except for the fabric, of course)…

  68. I collect vintage linen teacloths and hankies. I am hoping to make a Large quilt for my bed with them in a sampler style.

  69. Theresa

    I collect Crewel Embroidery, My favorite one right now are 3 owls on a limb.

  70. I collect children, I have four of them ;). I don’t currently collect anything but I love looking in thrift stores and antique mall strips.

  71. I don´t know if collect is love buy towels,glasses and plates.Is that collet?

  72. I collect earrings 🙂

  73. amorette

    i collect shells and seaglass, though i know we should leave them for others, so i have not gotten anything new in a long time!

  74. I collect kokeshi dolls. I don’t have a whole ton or anything, and actually I think my friend’s given me more than I’ve bought myself, but I do love them! 🙂

  75. I collect pottery vases. I have them on a shelf in my living room and they make me happy. I also use them for flowers and such.

  76. I don’t collect anything; I am hoping to start a nice jewelry stash eventually but since it will all be different I can’t claim this as a collection

  77. Andrea C L

    mugs!! i absolutely love mugs…my husband thinks its a crazy obsession and we’ve already had to donate a few old, chipped ones of his to make room for mine!

  78. Fabric, as most here. I also collect books. Not in great numbers, but I have a few authors whose work I pick up in limited numbered signed editions. I love my Kindle, but sometimes nothing beats a lovely *physical* book.

  79. Hueisei

    Actually, I collect price tag. Yup, I just don’t know why, I want to keep it.

  80. Pat V.

    I collect way too many things. Like coffee cups and teapots. And beautiful pieces of glass from all over the world. And cat statues. And Christmas ornaments. And FABRIC!

  81. Debb Lou

    I collect all kind of things… blue canning jars, baskets, snowmen, fabric, yarn, fabric, buttons, pillows and quilts… oh, yeah fabric…

  82. Jennifer F.

    I have a huge collection of fabric. I also love collecting primitive and colonial antiques but I don’t have very many yet 🙂

  83. Allison C

    I collect way too many things. Fabric is my latest obsession. I also collect precious stones (I also am a metalsmith..most jewelry as a hobby/part-time job too), video game art, and little vinyl figures like Kid Robot series, etc. My husband would say I collect kitchen gadgets too…

  84. I’m a bit of a hoarder. I collect keys…shiny things for bellydance, silk veils, and unfinished knitting projects. *cough* Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  85. I used that skeleton key fabric on the back of one of my chairs… in a different color way! I love what you’ve put together! Great work 🙂

  86. Cecillia

    I collect vintage pyrex and fabric 🙂

  87. Do cats count? Lol…I’m just kidding. Really, I collect turtle stuff. I’ve loved turtles for quite some time. So, I have figurines, jewelry, fabric, etc…

  88. Love books and Fabric! Thanks, Jera

  89. I collect Iron King bakeware in iridescent peach♥

  90. candy

    i collect pyrex, vintage things 🙂 and all things that “hit” me 🙂

  91. Libby

    I am an accidental book collector. My shelves are always overflowing, but I can’t part with any of them

  92. Andrea

    I collect kitchen stuff. Pots, pans, electrics, tools to make things easier (but can never find when I need them), spices, dishes…. It’s a little out of control.

  93. I collect books. I love to read and I love having shelves full of books all over my house. Makes it feel cozy. Love these fabrics! Hope I win 🙂

  94. Paula

    I’m not a collector but I love beautiful fabric and would love to enter this giveaway too 🙂
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  95. In addition to fabric and yarn, I collect antique teacups and saucers, as well as vintage knitting books! Thanks for sharing these lovely fabrics!

  96. Paula B.

    I guess collect fabric!!!

  97. I collect milkglass, and brass items like trays, candlesticks, etc. Also, fabric 🙂

  98. I collect fabric!!!! I love it. And actually I am glad I did collect so much for so long because DH just killed my fabric budget 🙂 (for a year) so I have to play with my stash!

    I also collect Crystal Christmas Ornaments. It’s an odd collection, but I love how sparkly and pretty a tree decorated in crystal and silver is!

  99. nicole

    I don’t think I really collect anything. I would love to, but both space and money are tight so I can’t really indulge anything.

    Hmmm, I do have six vintage Peak Frean cookie tins. That will have to do.

  100. I love these fabrics. Oh I have too many collections. Owls, fabric, vintage suitcases, brownie cameras, to name a few. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. “Letter R’s”… I love it! Reminds me of the Sesame Street guy who sells letters on the black market 🙂 (“Would you like to by an Ohhhh?”) I don’t intentionally collect anything, but I sure have ended up with a whole lot of fabric and cookbooks somehow! And internet links!

  102. VickiT

    That fabric is gorgeous. I really love so many of Sandi’s fabrics. The blue in this line is such a rich, rich blue. Just gorgeous!

    Ummm does collecting fabric count? haha
    Actually I have a plate collection that was my mothers. It fills every wall in my kitchen. And quite a few years ago I started collection cookie stamps but I never kept up on that although I do have some really awesome looking ones.

  103. Lennye

    I collect shells, milk glass, cookbooks and fabric.

  104. I have several of those blue canning jars, they’re so pretty with plants rooting in them. I collect vintage fabric, and stuff. I’m really into the pyrex and linens. I think I can say too that I collect plants, I love finding all new varieties.

  105. Ellen Ban

    I collect fabric (of course!), Fiestaware and flamingos!

  106. I collect old tea cups. I love my tea! Thanks for an awesome prize.

  107. At the moment, I’m obsessed with owls, so I’m busy collecting & making them.

  108. Kim

    How pretty. I particiuarly love the key fabric.

  109. Jo

    Well I collect fabric. I also collect HD items, and old kitchen items.

  110. Guna

    I have started a cook-books collection. and I am collecting memories of my new little girl – making a little book about her and a box with different stuff she has used (she is very young now, so will need a bigger box soon to fit all I plan to keep for her to look back when she is grownup).

  111. Angie

    I collect vintage pyrex and toy sewing machines. And fabric and yarn, of course.

  112. I collect nativity sets from around the world and I have a small tea cup collection. The fabric is lovely, thank you for sharing!

  113. I collect head vases. I had never heard of them and was smitten with one I bought at a garage sale for $1.00. Since then I’ve only acquired 5 more (thanks to my Mom) but I love my little collection.

  114. Céline Richard

    I obviously collect fabric! LOL

  115. Debra Lee

    I think I’m a fabric collector. I buy more than I use!

  116. Lovely fabrics – I collect elephants and have been doing so for about 30 years now.

  117. Carla G

    I’m a collector of a lot of music items… I have mugs, a blanket, an umbrella, keychains, clocks and I’m always on the hunt for new and different music fabric. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  118. montse

    I don’t collect anything. I have quite a few fabric but it’s a very small stash to other’s people I’ve seen. Terrific giveaway! Thanks.

  119. I collect fabric too! I also collect metal school lunch boxes.

    owens olivia at hotmail dot com

    (i’m your newest follower!)

  120. kylie c

    I collect rocks- ever since I was little I just have a need to pick up and keep pretty stones. I have Mason jars full of them all around the house!

  121. I don’t collect anything unless you count the books I’ve read through the years. 🙂

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