Practicing precision (and patience!)

I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of times in my sewing/quilting that I’m quite impatient!

I decided to work on some precision sewing by trying my hand at triangles.

There are 144 triangles in this mini, and they have for sure tested my patience!

I’ve had to be careful in my cutting, making sure to pay attention to the grain of the fabric and definitely careful in piecing.

I started by only being able to stand piecing four or five triangles at a sitting which is kind of laughable!  I just get so frustrated at having to focus.

Improv, I understand now why I love you so much.    Purely carefree sewing!

I know if I keep practicing this precision thing will get easier.

How about you?  Are you a pro at precision or do you struggle too?  Any tips?

My littles are on winter break, so I’m off to enjoy the time with them at home!






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25 responses to “Practicing precision (and patience!)

  1. Precision and matching points? I have heard of them in fairytales, but am yet to encounter them other than by pure luck!
    This mini is completely awesome!

  2. It looks lovely, definitely doesnt look like you struggled. Really cool

  3. amye

    aghh! it is looking so, so cute! i adore the colors and the pattern design. you will find a groove with your triangles…i finished this last month
    and by the end i was in love with triangles and totally got into repeat mode which i think is fun. good luck and your mini really is wonderful!
    xo, amy

  4. Paula

    I love the triangles!!! I need to learn how to sew them.

  5. I wish I was a bit more precise. It would make things easier! Love the triangles. My kids are home for the week too. We went to the aquarium yesterday and saw the dolphin show. Got in there early (we thought) but ended up with yuck seats. Of course today all I’ve heard is how boring everything I suggest is!

  6. Precision and perfect are not in my vocabulary when talking about my work, but yours is awesome. Love your triangle mini.

  7. Cindy

    Looks good Lindsey.
    Did you make the hotpad today from our class?

  8. Love how triangles look but I don’t do points, except by accident

  9. You have amazing patience! I think we all struggle with precision, but I noticed a huge difference with the quarter inch foot that came with my new machine.

  10. Connie

    Foundation piecing is the ONLY way to go wtih this type of piecing…preserves sanity!!

  11. i am an impatient quilter, for sure. precision is not my thing. i find it frustrating, to be honest.

    now, i do like to do my best, but i definitely don’t make myself crazy over it.

    your triangles look great!

  12. precision is usually an exercise in futility, but hey, I bet you’re feeling pretty proud right now so 3 cheers for your perseverance!!

  13. I saw lots of people pinning this and had to read your post. Beautiful so far! I’m just finishing up a mini triangle quilt, but I paper-pieced it. That is always an option for precision although I hate tearing out the papers afterwards.

  14. adorable. reminds me of those banners, which for whatever, reason i am addicted to right now.

  15. so pretty! the triangles are great great great!!!. I love improv stuff, I just don’t have the patience or preciseness for tiny piecing – at least not at this stage of my life!

  16. Mary Ann B

    I am a matching point fanatic! I would love to try this triangle challenge, it will either break me of my obsession or put me over the edge! Beautiful job!

  17. Mary Ann B

    BTW Where is that pattern from ? thanks!

  18. That looks awesome!!! I definitely have serious problems with patience 🙂

  19. wow! impressive! and i really love the tiny dot background… very well done!

  20. I love the triangles! I find that if I slow down when I’m sewing, do lots of ironing, and always trim the pieces before I piece something together, then it all looks great. I don’t pay attention to the grain of the fabric though, I’m not sure if that is bad or what. LOL

  21. I’m not really a precision type of girl, but occasionally when the mood takes me I can knuckle down, but it doesn’t happen very often! Your triangles mini is amazing, I am definitely not that kind of precise!!

  22. It looks beautiful and your points look great!
    Quilting by the River

  23. I love your mini quilt and the colours are striking! I have to admit I love precision and yes it can frustrate me utterly but it’s in my blood. I haven’t done a triangle pieced quilt for awhile. I am currently trialing {curves}…eek! You have inspired me to get my scraps out soon. Beautiful!

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