Zakka Sew Along :: Sourcing Supplies

I’ve had several emails and comments about where to purchase linen and other supplies for the sew along.

I’ve put together a list of places to buy some of the supplies used in the book.

All of the sources I’m sharing today are online shops, but do check around your local fabric shops to see what you can find!

Robert Kaufman :: Essex linen/cotton blend and Essex Yarn Dyes available at:

Grayline Fabrics :: Judy solid linen :: Middle weight linen


Zakka Boutique

Sugar Carousel

Bag Is Good

While Baby Naps

Cosmo Floss by Lecien available at:

Perle Cotton

Heather Bailey Designer Felt

Lupin (UK store)

One of the Flock


These shops are not the only places to find the supplies you need, but I think will help you get prepared for the projects ahead.

I also had a question about how much linen is used in all of the projects.    I combined each requirement and came up with about 10 yards total to complete all 24 projects.

Remember, you don’t have to use linen.   Use what you love and what your budget allows!

This list does not cover all of the supplies you will need, so make sure to read through your book and make a list so you know what you have on hand or what you need to stock up on.

Looking forward to tomorrow!   The Zig Zag tote is up first, I hope you’re ready for some fun and amazing giveaways as we sew together over the next 24 weeks!





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8 responses to “Zakka Sew Along :: Sourcing Supplies

  1. seniorcrafter

    Hi I didnt get a book yet maybe tuesday or wednesday. Tried 3 Book stores, got one online. Can I still follow along?? Im new at internet so Im not sure how it all goes??? What time does it start??

  2. Just wanted to suggest if linen is not in one’s budget, natural ‘osnaburg’ fabric is a good alternative. It can be found at your local chain fabric store or online. I plan on using it for the more utility type projects (the cubes, potholders, water bottle holer, etc). hope this helps!

  3. bowlby

    Super helpful!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these links!

  5. Hi Lindsey and Zakka sewists,….maybe it’s just retail in Australia but I have had no luck finding the fabric ink that the Zakka projects use and set with an iron. I have found one nice seller on Etsy who has found me a black pad…but are there other online stores that you know of with a variety of colours and also stamps to buy. Cheers, Fiona

  6. Elnora

    Thanks for this very helpful list! One of the shops, though, has moved to a different site. What was Bag is Good is now:

    If you go to the original site, it looks fine, but if you click on Shipping, it directs you to the new site.

    Thanks again for the list. I learned a lot of good sources, especially for internal flex frames, which I’ve had trouble locating.

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