Zakka Style :: Pincushion


I really love making pincushions, so quick and cute.

Mine is a little more quirky then the book version, but it feels very ‘me’ so I would say that’s a success!

I used Essex linen in dusty blue and a few bright prints from my scrap bin.

I read several years ago about stuffing your pincushions with steel wool to help keep your pins sharp.    I just happened to have some under my sink so I tried it out.   Does seem to do the trick!

Checking this one off the list!




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15 responses to “Zakka Style :: Pincushion

  1. it’s so cute Lindsey! love the little changes you made. and the steel wool trick, i’ve gotta try that, my pins are all so horribly dull!

  2. pearlygirly03

    Very cute pin cushion! Thanks for the tip on steel wool. I have been looking for this exactally this tip.

  3. This is so lovely. It is amazing what a few of our favourite scraps can turn into. Nice work.

  4. absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! great gift item!

  5. Goodness that’s cute. Must get me some steel wool. I was wondering how to sharpen my pins.

  6. Cool, love the wee ruffly bit

  7. Nice to make something for yourself, eh? I use crushed walnuts for the stuffing – not sure whether it sharpens the pins, though, but it does a great job at holding them in place – nice, solid feeling.

  8. ME

    Emory sand does the trick t00, but is quite a bit heavier!

  9. Definitely going to have to try the steel wool trick…

    Love how bright and cheery this is.. especially the sweet little ruffle!

  10. seniorcrafter

    Its so cute & the ruffle affect makes itvintage. Steel wool I heard that before, never tried it untul now. Im ready to put 2 together so thanks.

  11. elizabethlehman

    that is perfect!!

  12. oh I like yours ALOT! very sweet.

  13. Charity Reesor

    Love it!!!! Always amazed with your eye for color and print combos!!!! So cool!

  14. Very fun – and functional!

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