Do. Good Stitches Host Swap :: Received

I had a complete freak out when I busted open my swap package.

I was drooling over the WIP of these slippers in the flickr group, so to have them arrive on my doorstep was a dream!

Rachel drew my name and she flat got it right in everything she sent.    The colors, the patchwork, the fabrics, everything!

She also remembered that I had commented on one of her posts about this gorgeous journal cover.   I was tickled to find it inside!

And Orla Kiely can do no wrong in my book.  Love these notecards.

This is my inspiration mosaic, did she nail it or what?!

Thank you again Rachel, a million times over!  I was telling her how much my daughter loves these slippers, she’s tried to snag them for herself.

I’m going to make her a pair of her own.  Here’s a link to the pattern for women and for kids.

xo, Lindsey



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9 responses to “Do. Good Stitches Host Swap :: Received

  1. Wow, what a lovely collection – you did do well. Thanks for all the useful links Lindsey – today the slippes, yesterday the sewing machine cover. You’re a star.

  2. What a great swap you had! and you so deserve what you received.

  3. Lucky you! Those slippers are absolutely adorable, and yes, everything matches your mosaic so well. : )

  4. Such a pretty selection, lucky you.

  5. She definitely nailed it! You should go ahead and make some for your daughter, so you can keep these for yourself!

  6. you really got spoiled by rachel. such a great idea!

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