Fold Over Clutch addiction…

These are seriously so fast and rewarding to make.

I made another in fabric from my current favorite collection, Indie by Pat Bravo.

Love the colors.  I have a Washi tunic for me planned out of what’s left of this print.

I need to share the Washi I made on Friday, it’s a really great pattern too!

Thank you all for the nice comments on the previous clutch.

I give stitching credit to my walking foot, it is a miracle worker!

Happy Labor Day, Lindsey

**Pattern is LBG Studio, Leather accent Fold Over Clutch, found here.



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19 responses to “Fold Over Clutch addiction…

  1. Love these Lindsey! The little corner patches just take it to a new level! I’ve got some friends who might be getting some of these!

  2. rumeysa

    They are both very pretty Lindsey. I purchased the pattern too and plan to make one these days.

  3. I truly love your new addiction. But I have to admit I loved the first one more. Love the fabric from the first one. Now I am gonna need to buy some of that there fabric. Thanks for the stash enhancement 🙂

  4. Both are gorgeous.Washi is my fav,love that print.Great job!!

  5. I’ve changed my mind – I LOVE both of them. Hey I’m a woman and allowed to change my mind.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  6. fabricdonkey

    Ack! You need to stop doing this to me while I’m working on other projects! I love them!

  7. Carol a.j.

    Where did you get the pattern and the leather pieces for the corner?

  8. I love this second puch very much! Wonderful work, wonderful fabric too!

  9. Gina

    They both look really great and your stitching is very neatly done . Was it difficult sewing through leather …did you have to use a special needle ?

    • Thanks Gina! It wasn’t terribly difficult, I used a walking foot so I think that helped tremendously and also definitely use a leather needle. I also pinned the fabric really well right next to the where the leather stops to keep things from shifting.

  10. The bigger metal zipper really makes a difference.
    Very nice!

  11. i totally love these and i totally love indie. it is my fave!

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