Triangle Quilt Pattern :: almost ready!

A little update, I haven’t forgotten!  Just taking a bit of time to work up.

I’m planning on doing a step-by-step tutorial, I’m working on that now.

Hoping to also convert to a paper-pieced template which I think would be a much faster way to make the triangle blocks and borders.

I can’t wait to share!

xo, Lindsey

*Original pattern by Judy Martin.  She has graciously given me permission to publish the pattern Pine Burr Beauty from her book, Scrap Quilts ©1985, as a PDF.



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8 responses to “Triangle Quilt Pattern :: almost ready!

  1. WOW! this looks amazing!

  2. Lori Smanski

    This is so pretty. Cant wait for the tutorials. Especially the paper pieced one. Thank you.

  3. Anita

    How nice of her to let you do that! Thank for taking the time to convert it and do a tutorial 🙂

  4. Gina

    This is going to be great . I love the quilt you made from this . Thank you Lindsey.

  5. wow, awesome!!! can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  6. I really looking forward to this!

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