Clutch Crazy

Surprise, more clutches.

Am I boring you yet?   I promise to make something else soon.

I joined on to sell handbags and wallets at the Beehive Atlanta starting mid-October, so I’m stock piling to fill my little space.

Now it’s on to wallets while I also play nurse to my little one.

She had her tonsils out and it’s been a rough recovery.  Poor babe!  It’s hard not being able to help your babies when they hurt.  I’ll be so happy when she is healed and feeling good again.

(Although I will miss all the ice cream we have in the house, ha!)

I gotta crack the whip at myself and get back to work.  Coke break is over. 😉

Hope you’re having a great week!  Lindsey

(The pattern is the LBG Studio Fold Over Clutch, purchased here.)



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11 responses to “Clutch Crazy

  1. Oh, I went through the tonsil thing with my daughter last year and it was hard. I feel for all of you!

  2. Lori Smanski

    My children never had their tonsils out. But I do understand the feeling of almost helplessness. Hope she gets better soon, and all of you get back to normal. I love your clutches. Especially the leather on the corners. Makes it look so sheek.

  3. Oh, I love them all. I adore your taste, fabric choices and very neat stitching. I’m still planning to make (just) one 🙂 I hope your daughter gets well soon.

  4. Wonderful! I made the EXACT same clutch as your #2. I guess we both have good tastes! Haha!

  5. Kit Little

    These are all so pretty, Lindsey! I stopped by your space at the Collective Co-op in Woodstock one day last week – nice.
    Hope your little one recovers soon 🙂

  6. These are so cool, Lindsey! Do you have a source for the leather? Those corners really do make them look extra fancy. 🙂
    Hope your little one feels back to herself soon.

  7. these look fantastic! next time i head to atl, i’ll have to try to stop by and see these in person 🙂

  8. Crazy Cute Girl.. when are you going to read us another book..LOL, Your to much fun

  9. darcychildress

    These are so great – hope you have good luck at the Beehive 🙂

  10. darcychildress

    PS – is L finally feeling better? Hope so!

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