Washi Tunics

Finally getting around to sharing my tunics!

Note to self :: take pictures before you wear and wash.  (I hate ironing!)

First up, one in a print from Indie by Pat Bravo:

I made this one the standard tunic length suggested in the pattern, but I shortend the seam under the bust by an inch to compensate for my short waist.

Really fast to make since there are no zippers/buttons.   Slips right over your head and it’s really comfy.

Topped it off with my hexagon belt!

Another made from a Kaffe woven check fabric in Teal:

It’s not as wonky as it appears.  The fabric is fairly thin so it hangs a little funky on the hanger.

This one is my favorite in terms of comfort because the fabric is so so soft.

I made it first and shortened the length instead of the seam under the bust.    I like the fit of the other better.

Probably would have helped to make a muslin, but that’s never how I roll!   One day I’ll learn (hmm, most likely never, ha).

I also omitted the neck detailing from the original.   I like the simple classic neckline.   A dress is next on the list!

xo, Lindsey

P.S.  Michelle just released her latest pattern, the Idea Pouch.

I don’t even have an Ipad but I snatched that sucker up.    She is all kinds of genius, check out the pen pockets!?

This is gonna be my sketch pad case.   It’s on sale now for $6.00.   Don’t know how long that will last, but get it now if you want one!

Michelle Patterns :: Idea Pouch $6.00



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7 responses to “Washi Tunics

  1. Those are so cute Linds. The top one looks great one you with your belt too! Always so impressed with your fab sewing skills.

  2. beautiful tunics! and i really dig that sketchbook cosy – great idea with the outer pocket…i’ll have to try that 🙂

  3. Those are so pretty, Lindsey! I have been so close to buying that pattern a few times and I’m really not sure why I haven’t. Honestly, I think the neckline scared me a little. But I love your simple one, so I’m pretty sure you just pushed me over the edge!

  4. darcychildress

    Your tunics turned out so cute – I wanted to get one done before SS but now I’m thinking maybe by Thanksgiving (teehee). Oh and I LOVE that idea pouch pattern – made one last weekend and am blogging about it tonight!

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  6. Wow – love them both, but that Indie fabric is gorgeous
    And now I think I need to check out that pouch pattern too…..

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