Atlanta/Ireland MQG Swap

I’m so glad to finally be giving proper thanks to Eva for this beautiful mini!

I lost my original pictures when our computer crashed and then I completely forgot to re shoot.

The Atlanta and Ireland Modern Quilt Guilds did a swap over the summer and I was partnered with Eva of Pippa Blue.

I made her this mini and she sent this gorgeous one my way.

Thank you Eva!



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9 responses to “Atlanta/Ireland MQG Swap

  1. Love this quilt! It is a wonderful gift……..

  2. Charity

    I love it! So beautiful!!!

  3. oh wow! this is beautiful, great colors!

  4. Love it, Eva makes fab stuff 🙂

  5. How cute! I love the touch of Melody Miller : ) I have yet to blog about mine, too.

  6. darcychildress

    Totally adorable!

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