WIP Wednesday :: A Hot Mess

I thought about just sharing this photo and telling you that I’m working on my Tula Pink sewalong quilt.

You would never have to know what a disastrous crafter I am…

It’s kind of embarrassing.

My ‘design wall’  is struggling to stay put together,  I think I might need to retire it.    Heck my whole sewing room needs a makeover!

I bought the pegboard to organize my tools but it’s currently holding up the wall.  I will hang it and clean up my mess.

Eventually.    Right now I’m excited to start piecing the top, it feels good to finally be making a quilt.  It’s been too long!

Are you a tidy sewer/quilter or a messy one??

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38 responses to “WIP Wednesday :: A Hot Mess

  1. You are so funny…I guess your pegboard is a multi tasker!! I am a neat organized person but when I am in process of a project there is fabric and mess everywhere!

    • Oh, I’m a big messmaker, too! It seems like the smaller the project, the bigger the mess I make! All through the Zakka Style Sewalong, I pulled out a ton of fabrics, just to find one tiny little piece I wanted. Then I would keep all of those out, in case I wanted to use them for a later project. I just kept building up more and more scraps until it got ridiculous, and then I started it all over. I will never learn!

      • We are kindred spirits! The bad part of my sewing space is that it’s in a loft outside of our master bedroom. My husband has to walk right through the middle of it each day. I leave particular piles of fabric all over and get upset if he ‘messes’ or moves it. ha! He’ll be like, really! It was in the middle of the floor, walking through here is like dodging land mines! oops.

    • ha! total multi-tasker. I am fairly organized outside of my sewing room, but when I get on a creative streak I am once mess after the next. Then I get frustrated b/c I can’t find anything. Imagine that! So I clean up and start the process over. Rinse and repeat!

  2. Kim

    I am a hot mess fo sho. And I am definitely liking where the blocks on your ‘design wall’ are going! Good luck with the eventual sewing room makeover.

  3. Well, Lindsey, I’m a very very tidy crafter but as I do not have a Craft room or even place I always have to put out my tools and bring them to different rooms in our flat… The sewing machine too, sigh! And it’s a very heavy one. As soon as we need the table for meals and such I have to put everything away and so I end up messy too… Cry!

    • My space is not very big, but I am grateful for not having to put it away each time. I know that has to be very hard! Where do you store your things when not in use? It would be great to have a rolling cart of sorts that would keep you from having to lift everything!

  4. Totally messy. We could be sisters.

  5. Oh, please – Messy all the way! 50 million ideas and fabric stacks pulled for them. Cut pieces, scraps, little notes and drawings…. I will never be cleaned up. Never.

  6. we are kindred spirits! my work space is terrible but i have convinced myself that sewing is a messy sport! for me anyway…

  7. Cille

    I’m messy too… But try to clear the table off after each project. There’s always a pile of something left though 🙂 love your Tula Pink Quilt!

  8. Marjorie nath

    Messy, I have trouble finding my machine alot of the time (especially now that I’m still trying to get all the material, that I have finally gotten washed, ironed , folded & put away .

  9. Amira@littlemushroomcap

    I am messy myself when I work.. And it’ll stay messy till I finish and I am like you too..clean up then it began again with the new project..so it is kinda endless..

  10. Marla

    Tidy. Except when paper piecing. I love piles and sorting things.

  11. Jan Barnett

    I’m lucky enough to have my own studio in my backyard just a few steps from my house…and I can just walk away each day as I’m done and pull the door behind me! Still…I designate MONDAY’s as cleanup days. My little 10×12 studio is a wreck all week long…from fabric scraps to threads and empty water bottles..but I force myself to put everything back in it’s place on Monday and start fresh. It feels good…

    • That is a really good idea. I know it would be more manageable and then maybe I could avoid the frustrating days when it becomes TOO messy! I dream of the day I can have a space separate from the house or at minimum with a door! To be able to close it off is dreamy.

      • Jan Barnett

        I had a “wood shed” built in my yard 3 years ago ($3500). I had a porch added for $300 extra! My son-in-law (he’s a master carpenter) spent a week with me and WE turned this raw building into a studio with AC/heat, cable, wifi, refrigerator, a zillion outlets, pegboard, Formica counters, laminate wood floors and breadboard walls. I spent another week alone slapping on gallons of paint inside and out…not to mention dragging all my “stash” from the garage to my studio (and the walkway and landscaping effort!). Well worth the $8000 spent. It’s been my HAVEN since retiring just over 2 years ago.

      • oh that sounds amazing! I hope to have a space like that one day. I bet it is a total dream to be out there in your ‘zone’!

  12. At least yours is a big fat colorful hot mess! I sew in my dining room and kitchen, using the island as my cutting table. So I have to clean up more often than I would if I had a separate room. Or, sometimes I eat dinner surrounded by stacks of fabric, hoping I don’t splash wine and spaghetti sauce on whatever I’m sewing at the moment!

  13. Maybe disastrous, but it looks like your life is full of COLOUR! I love that!

  14. My living/sewing room currently looks like a bomb has hit it 😉

  15. Tamie

    I’m fairly tidy when I start sewing but in the meantime, there are stacks everywhere.

  16. Nope! Not at all.sometimes I have to retake pictures for my blog because the background shows what a hot mess I am. Right there with you sister!

  17. Way to keep it real girl! My sewing space is always a mess. And then my 13 month old likes to pick through my scrap boxes… so the floor is usually a mess!

  18. LOVE that mess of yours! My sewing room is looking pretty bad right now, and I don’t know where to start on it. For one thing, I need to go on a Fabric Diet and devote time to sewing rather than buying. That would help immensely!

  19. darcychildress

    Ooh I love seeing the way people *really* work – always makes me feel better! And I just remembered my WordPress login so now that I can comment on your posts again I am going to go comment on a bunch of them! 🙂

  20. Pam

    A little of both, but I definitely need to pick things up when starting a new project. Show us the “after” pics, if you do a make over…

  21. Loving the new quilt you’ve started! And though I can be messy for a bit, I really need organization, so I’d say I’m a ‘neat’ sewist. Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday where I’ve had the pleasure of guest-hosting this week!

  22. Ha! I came to see your Tula quilt today but glad you haven’t posted it yet. That’s about how organized I am when it comes to scraps too, so I know without a doubt that THIS IS ONE QUILT I SHOULD NOT DO!!!!

  23. Is there a tidy quilter? Because if there she/he deserves a prize!!! My room is exactly like yours…Super-messy.

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