Orbit QAL :: Pattern Release

I’m excited to kick things off today and get started on our Orbit quilts!


The pattern is ready and can be downloaded below.


Each week we will work through a section, starting today with Cutting and Organizing.

I’ve illustrated cutting for all pieces to give you an idea of how to arrange your cuts.

I’m a visual person, so I find it helpful to see what I’m doing along with the instructions.

You don’t have to cut exactly like this, it’s just a guide to get you started.


Remember when cutting to:

• Square up your fabric and measure your fat quarters to make sure they are the correct size.  Nothing worse then starting to cut only to realize your fat quarter was not the right size to begin with!

• Start with a fresh rotary blade, it really does make a difference

• Cut accurately.   A mis-cut can make piecing very difficult!   Measure twice, cut once.


Now let’s talk organizing!

A key part of putting this quilt together easily is to be organized.

While you don’t have to color in a mockup, you will need to use the Quilt by Number sheet to assign a number to each of your fabrics.

The cutting and fabric placement is all done by number.

I like to put my pieces in a Ziploc freezer bag, grouping each number in a separate bag.   When you need to stop for the day, you can zip up your bags and not worry about losing any pieces.

Or if you’ve just put them into piles, you can stick a post-it note on top and call it a day.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Other ideas I’ve seen:

• Use an expandable file folder to keep cut pieces organized

expandable file folder

Use paper plates to stack pieces together

Organize your rows with saved bread ties

Use Q-pins, numbered quilting pins to help you stay organized

Using dollar store baking sheets

Share any tips you have in the comments and if you have any questions while cutting, please let me know.

I’ll share my cutting progress this week in the flickr group.   Share yours too!


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