Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks :: Vol. 7

I’m so excited today to share a block I have in the new issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks!

Today is my stop on the blog tour and I have a copy of the magazine to give away too.

My block is called Square Crossing and can be found on page 66.

Quiltmaker also put together a sample idea for a quilt using the block:

I love all things scrappy, so that’s where my quilt design would head.Β Β  With polka dots of course.


The block would also be pretty by itself as a pillow front or pieced in to a bag or tote.

There are lots of beautiful blocks in this issue.Β  I know you’ll like it!

If you’d like a chance to win a copy, just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner on Monday, May 5th.

Be sure to visit the Quiltmaker blog as well, they have lots of fun things to give away and you’ll get more sneak peeks into the magazine!

xo, Lindsey



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298 responses to “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks :: Vol. 7

  1. Annette Deardurff

    Congrats on your inclusion! Love your block and the quilt! Very pretty!!

  2. Susan

    Thanks for sharing your block! I love scrappy quilts, so it is a perfect block for me!

  3. Jess

    Congrats Lindsay! I love your block.

  4. farmquilter

    Great blocks in this book! I am looking forward to getting a copy…either winning one or buying it! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  5. Beth T.

    Congratulations on being included in this issue! Love your use of polka dots–that’s right up my alley, as my dad would have said. πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations on being a contributor! I like your scrappy version too. πŸ™‚

  7. Anita

    Love how your block and quilt turned out! The polka dots are very fun πŸ™‚

  8. Lindsey, your quilt design is adorable. I love your block.

  9. What a super block, lots of possibilities.

  10. buntyw

    Great block – I love the scrappy version!

  11. patti

    Congrats on being chosen as a contributor! I love that polka dot block!

  12. Barbara Burkhalter

    Congratulations on having a block included in the 100’s !
    I too am a scrappy quilt lover, your block has so many possibilities!!

  13. cynthia

    With so many wonderful fabric choices available, i love blocks like this that give us an opportunity to use lots of them!

  14. Mary Jo

    What a wonderful way of using some of my fabric stash! Looks so modern and the setting is fabulous! Love my scrap quilts and love doing them! Piecing is my favorite technique! Can’t wait to get a copy of Volume 7 because it looks like the best one yet!! Congratulations on having your block chosen!

  15. I like how each block kinda showcases 4 different small blocks in itself almost like a frame.

  16. Lisa Marie

    I’ve enjoyed every issue of this magazine so far and I look forward to this one. Congrats on having your cute block included!

  17. Marca Fritzemeier

    What a fun scrappy block! and very doable.

  18. Lea

    Love how the block makes a secondary pattern when stacked!

  19. KT

    I love scrappy too, so this block is perfect for me! Love seeing it put together into a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Sandi

    Nice block! I recently started doing scrappy quilts and this will be a nice block to use. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.

  21. Sandy N

    I love blocks that create secondary designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Lynn Kilgard

    I like the scrappy look, too.

  23. Congratulations! I love the sort of lattice design it forms when it is all together. Gorgeous!

  24. Michele

    what a great block. So fun and modern looking.

  25. I love this block – congrats!

  26. Becky Greene

    Great block!! I love your layout and scrappy plan!

  27. Tammy H

    I enjoyed seeing your scrappy block in a quilt.

  28. Bernie S

    I love scrappy. I love solids. I love prints. I love lights. I love darks. I love them all, especially your block.

  29. Patricia

    This block would be great for reducing my stockpile of scraps! Thanks sew much for this chance to win πŸ˜€

  30. I love your block Lindsey! Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.

  31. Margaret

    All the blocks on the tour are so awesome. I just love avgood blog hop.

  32. Dana Gaffney

    Adorable! The polka dots are perfect, thanks.

  33. Mary Jo

    your quilt with the polka dots is wonderful. Love the block.

  34. vicki seals

    This looks like a block I might be able to do. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  35. Koricard

    I really like your block. It is a very cute idea for using scraps!

  36. Carol Sc

    Looks like a very fun block — I can see using it in all kinds of quilts — scrappy, color planned, — the ideas are endless. …and, I like the fact that it is simple to put together.

  37. I’m with you. Love the addition of polka dots. They make quilts happy

  38. Judy S

    I will definitely be using this block in a future quilt. I love block that enable me to use by scraps and fat quarter collection.

  39. Marie Atkinson

    Wow! and imagine it with sashings! Novelty fabrics in the centers with coordinating fabs! fun!

  40. Love this block, so many options for it!

  41. Donna Phelps

    Lindsey, congrats on your block presented in 100 Blocks. Great work.

  42. Jan Barnett

    How cool is that! I love your block!

  43. Nancy D.

    Awesome block!

  44. What a lovely block! I love how the crosses can be subtle or pronounced, based on the fabrics.

  45. Kit Little

    Love it!
    Since the Orbit QAL, I’ve gotten into so many more scrappy looking blocks – all because of you! (Confession: my Orbit still isn’t quilted…but soon!)

  46. I love scappy quilts.So, your Square Crossing block is one I will be making soon. Thank you for your creative design and for the chance to win that copy of QM 100 Blocks, Volume 7 magazine. I know I am going to love it and I know that I will be making a quilt for myself using Square Crossing.

    Sandi Timmons

  47. SewLindaAnn

    I’m a long time blog reader of yours, and I love your block with the polka dots. Can’t go wrong with them!

  48. Patricia Hersl

    Polka dots rock!

  49. Striking and eye popping block

  50. Becky Turner

    blocks and dots…. how can it be wrong?

  51. Brenda Hulsey

    This is a great block for using up some scraps on! Just a little yardage to pull it together. Great job!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  52. claire

    Your block is so cool and scrappy looking—love it!

  53. Lori Smanski

    your block is wonderful. can be used in so many ways. thanks for sharing. and or a chance to win.

  54. Donna Joy

    Yeah to polka dots, and great name for your block. Thanks

  55. Cindy W.

    I just finished a whole mess of blocks with the small square in the center! wonderful way to tie them together! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  56. Kelly O.

    love your version!

  57. Thanks for sharing, I love the polka dot block!!

  58. Robin

    Congratulations on your block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks volume 7! I love blocks that are great made scrappy.

  59. Jane P

    Love the design and the polka dots, so much fun

  60. Lindsey – I LOVE this block as it’s a great chance to dig deep into my scraps.

  61. Andrea Harles

    I also like your choice for a border

  62. I love scrappy too and love to find blocks or patterns that with a few standard cuts can empty the scrap bin! This looks like a good one so I can’t wait to get the magazine (win or buy) and see the piece dimensions.

    Like Andrea, I also love that border — a perfect use for my Tri-mate ruler–gadget heaven!

  63. Great block. Scrappy would be fun.

  64. Lucy

    Fun block – would be a great scrappy project.

  65. kathy h

    Congratulations on being in the magazine. A great block for those scrappy quilts.

  66. edithann mascia

    Love the scrappy quilt. I save every little tiny piece of fabric.

  67. Diana

    What a great pattern to use up some scraps! I love scrappy quilts.

  68. Cindy K

    Oh my oh my I love this block. I do a lot of scrappy quilts and I do see a scrappy quilt with this block in my future. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. Betty Domal

    Lovely block, and I agree it would be nice in a pillow or tote, or even a small wall hanging, table runner or place mats (my favorite projects.
    One of my late husband’s nieces has a 13 yr,.old son with Autism.
    Thanks for a chance to win the magazine – sure wold love to the the one !!!
    Betty Domal in Tenn.

  70. Sharon

    A great way to use all those scraps. Love the block

  71. Maxinee

    Thanks for sharing your block…This has been a very fun hop….Thanks for the chance to win…

  72. ellisonlanequilts

    Yay Lindsey! congrats! Very cool block indeed. πŸ™‚

  73. Darlene B

    Love your block! Scrappy quilts are my absolute favorite πŸ™‚

  74. Emily C

    Love the design of this block.

  75. I really like this one! Very cool on its own, and even cooler in a group. Thank you for your design!

  76. I really like the name you gave this block, and the block is great. Can’t wait to see the book.

  77. Congratulations on a great block! Nice design.

  78. Prima Donna

    Nice block. Cograts on your block being chosen.

  79. Congrats on the block – it will make a really fun scrappy quilt!

  80. Hueisei

    Very cute scrappy block!!

  81. Ten

    Very neat looking block when made into a quilt. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  82. Debbie Rhodes

    your block looks fantastic… love it.. in a quilt..

  83. Katie Stevens

    What a great block, very effective and looks like I could have a go! Well done

  84. Linda Ferguson

    LOVE your block and the border!

  85. Deb

    I just LOVE this scrappy Square Crossing! Very neat!

  86. I love the way the scrappy blocks look together in a quilt!

  87. Lou

    Great block! Love the polks dots!!!!

  88. Susie

    I love the way your block works up into a lovely quilt.

  89. Nancyanne

    Love scrappy! Might have to get more fabric to make more scraps!

  90. Cher

    What a great way to use up scraps – and I LOVE the dots as a “background”. Can’t wait to try it!

  91. Cynthia Johnson

    I love this…might start one cynth of these today

  92. Laura Riley

    Thanks for a great block that utilizes scraps. I have lots of scraps that are looking for a place in a block or even a quilt.

  93. eeyoreyikes

    love your sense of recombinant dna when it comes to patchwork,you make fresh and modern out of antique and charming, you seem to see simple and new variations that should be obvious but aren’t to others untill you share them with us, how cool and generous is that!Thankyou!

  94. marian

    The scrappier the better!

  95. The polka dot version is Awesome

  96. Nora

    Love your block. It looks easy enough for me. Have lots of scraps to use.

  97. Beth B

    Great block! Love the scrappy and polka dots. Congrats on being chosen for this issue.

  98. Cathy B

    Congratulations on having a block in this volume. I really love it!! Thank you!

  99. Lorri

    REALLY LIKE you QUILT!!!! know the perfect little girl to make it for

  100. Val

    I can see making a Baby Quilt from this pattern in my future!! Can’t wait to see the magazine, thanks for the chance to win!

  101. Rose

    Very nice block, congrats and thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Darrell

    I love scrappy quilts!! And your quilt using this is magnificent!!

  103. marta

    Great block – I love the scrappy version! thank you

  104. Barb Johnson

    Your block is very striking, and it looks like it would be easy to piece. bonus!

  105. Jill Hicks

    Your block is fun. I need to get the magazine so I can make it.

  106. Denise

    Great block. Would work nicely with some of the scraps fabric I have. Thanks for sharing.

  107. Joan H.

    Nice block ! The scrappy version especially.

  108. Pat V.

    Very fun block. Love the polka dot combo!

  109. Margaret Andrews

    I like your fabrics..all carefully planned out of the scrap box. What fun!

  110. Joanna

    Very nice modern block. Love how it looks in the quilt, too.

  111. genaindallas

    The border is amazing!!!

  112. genaindallas

    The border is amazing!!!

  113. Congratulation on being chosen!!Your block is gorgeous and love the secondary block too.

  114. chere

    i love how the polka dots draw the eye in. love the quilt.

  115. Tamie

    This book looks like it would be a great addition to my library.

  116. Cecilia

    Congratulations! I love your block, especially with the polka dots. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.

  117. Kate

    Congrats on having your block chosen for this issue. Looks like there are a lot of design possibilities using your block. Thanks.

  118. Sandra Visser

    Grats on having your block in the magazine.

  119. i love your mockup. the border is awesome.

  120. Celeste Catano

    A great use for my scraps. Thanks

  121. Love your border…lots of movement! And dots are to die for *grin* Congrats on being in the 100~!

  122. Great secondary pattern in your scrappy quilt. Fun Polka dots too. I agree, there are way too many to make whole quilt from all of them. Bring on the Pillows! Thanks for a chance to WIN.

  123. Kylie C

    Thanks for a great giveaway,

  124. billiemick

    Another wonderful block!

  125. Toni Anne

    Congratulations! It must be wonderful to be published. ;->

  126. Joyce Mitchell

    Love your great block. Scrappy quilts are my favorite. Thanks.

  127. Wow! That’s a great block! I love the quilt all put together, it looks so fun! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  128. Wow I love your block. So many possibilities. Thanks for a chance to win. Hugs

  129. Cherie

    Congratulations! It’s a lovely block.

  130. Bonnie Thiem

    What a colorful block. I love bright and colorful blocks and quilts. Thanks.

  131. Djoekie

    wauw what a nice colorful block

  132. I love all the artist/bloggers I follow this is like a photo journal of all I love. xoxo

  133. Jenelle Boxberger

    Love your block, Congrats. Thanks.

  134. Kathy L

    Love your block. Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. Eva

    Congratulations on having a block included in this volume, way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Mary P

    I really like your block, I love it in the first quilt, looks like a positive/negative.

  137. Awesome block. I love the scrappieness of it!

  138. Ruth Rocker

    Congratulations on your block being published. It’s lovely. Thanks for a chance to win.

  139. Sweet block! A nice way to use smaller motifs as fuzzy cut centers. I’m already envisioning black and white with rainbow (even neon) centers…


  140. Alice M

    Great block!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  141. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I like your block. I would make a pillow with it. Thanks for haring.

  142. thanks for letting me see your block, hope I get the book for more ideas

  143. Robyn B

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  144. Kate

    That’s a cute block, great for scrappy. Thanks for the chance!

  145. Susan

    Congrats on your block being accepted for a great magazine. Each time I open a new blog and see another dynamite block (like yours), I am truly amazed. The more I look at the quilt, I see more and more patterns emerging. Very clever! Thanks for the opportunity for me to win a copy.

  146. Congratulations on being included in the magazine.

  147. Linda Webster

    What a great block design for a scrap quilt! I love it.

  148. great moderne block. And easy to sew. Thank you for sharing.

  149. Vivian

    So bright and cheery. Great block.

  150. love your block as it is worked up in the solids quilt. it’ll work fine for all my leftover pieces of kona. thanx, and thanx for the chance to win a copy of this marvelous magazine.

  151. I love the borders you did and the dots which focused the border. The block itself has so much potential! Love it all.

  152. Carol Crisp

    Lovely retro look with the colors and dots. Excellent block design.

  153. Hello from a fellow 100 block-er. I love your block, especially worked up with all the polka dots. I’m a big dot fan, too. Have a super day!

  154. That is one super block I love it a lot can be done with that block.

  155. Barbara Pricola

    I think your block is really interesting and see lots of possibilities for it!

  156. Leanne De Vos

    The block in a whole quilt drawing shows it off nicely.

  157. Miss Pat

    Your block is unique. Congrats on being included in Vol.7

  158. Fun block–I think it would make a great kids quilt!

  159. Sandy

    What a fun block! I love that scrappy look.

  160. Love your block and I can’t wait for the new issue.

  161. Hi!!! Love your block!!! It is very pretty alone but I love it done up in the polka dots!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  162. VickiT

    Very pretty fabrics used in your block. Great block also.

  163. Karen

    Oooooo….Love this block, can be truly scrappy, or a controlled scrappy…Thanks!!!

  164. I love scrappy too. Love the way you did the block. Thanks for sharing

  165. amy in

    Fingers crossed for your giveaway! Your block is so effective visually – well done!

  166. Mary Frakes

    Very Pretty block.

  167. That polka dot quit design is great!

  168. Vicki H

    I love scrappy too. Congrats on being in the magazine.

  169. Bev Thomas

    Can’t ever go wrong with scrappy and dots!

  170. Great secondary design with your block! Dots are always a good choice!

  171. Kim Cassie

    Great block! I love it.

  172. Flying Blind

    Congratulations. Another briliant magazine we do not have in the UK 😦

  173. Karen

    Congratulations on the inclusion of your block. I like the pattern within a pattern of the quilt layout.

  174. Jinnine Pearce

    Fantastic block love the scrappy look with polka dots

  175. Linda Roe

    Thank you for sharing. Very pretty block.

  176. Joan

    Luv your block. I could use up alot of scraps making it.

  177. Janine Huisjen

    I like the way the blocks float above the background when they are set together.

  178. Valorie Spanogle

    This is beautiful. I Love the bright and cheeriness of the individual block. I, also, think it would make a cute tote,

  179. jmontney

    Love your scrappy design.

  180. Maggie Avrit

    Really like the way you designed your quilt using your block. So fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

  181. gussek

    I love your block! Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. Laura G.

    I like how the block seems to float.

  183. Great block! I love the modern feel and the fabrics!!

  184. Lynda

    Lovely block, thanks for the chance to win

  185. Brenda J.

    oooh! I’m a scrappy girl to and I LOVE how this block allows for any fabrics, but with a bit of planned or coordinated colors. This is cool! Congrats on being published and thank you for the chance to win!

  186. Steph

    Very handsome block. Need a few of those around.

  187. Lou Brewer

    The polka dots absolutely make these blocks stand out. How unique.

  188. Laura

    I actually said “Ooooh” when I saw your block, haha. I love the color and the scrappiness! Congratulations on having it included in Volume 7!

  189. Theresa

    I’m a scrappy kind of girl myself and can’t wait to try out your block!

  190. Annie K

    I like that your block design would work equally well with modern or vintage style fabrics, and with bright or more subdued tones as well…congrats on being included in Vol. 7, I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

  191. Kay Ahr

    Polka Dots rule!! I have a large section of polka dots in my stash room.

  192. Jackie C

    Love the block and really love the polka dot scrappy idea!!

  193. Maureen

    This is a wonderful block Lindsey. I can envision so many posibilities. Thanks so much for a chance at the give-away!

  194. Donna Amos

    A great block! Think it will make a very nice scrappy quilt. Thanks

  195. Laura N

    I like the way the blocks look like they are floating in the quilt. Also like the borders.

  196. 2609o

    What a fun block!

  197. JillB

    It never ceases to amaze me as to how different a quilt can look when different colors and fabrics are used. This block offers so many options – congrats on getting it published!

  198. Karen Watkins

    I think your block would look great in Batiks

  199. Nancy M

    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway. Your block can be used in a number of ways.

  200. Carol Berge

    I love scrappy too, so this block is perfect for me! I have a modest collection of dots, so this will be great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  201. LeeAnn

    Sweet block! and I love the scrappy version especially!

  202. Wendy

    Now that looks like a fun block! Thanks!

  203. Congrats on having your block in Vol. 7! I love patterns that use scraps as works out well when doing Charity Quilts.

  204. Christina in Cleveland

    Congratulations on your block! Not just for being published but what a fun block so full of possibilities! Thank you!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland.

  205. Love how your block can be used as a stash buster. Great job!

  206. Linda

    I love the illusion of floating blocks.

  207. LJ

    Super block. I love how it goes together in the different layouts of the quilts.

  208. Lovie Ball

    Have you tried. yours set on-point, maybe with small sashing and cornerstones?

  209. Annie

    Congratulations on having a block in this volume!

  210. Carla G

    Very cool block! And I love the scrappy quilt! πŸ™‚

  211. I like your block and congratulations on having a block in the magazine.

  212. love your block and love the border of your quilt πŸ™‚

  213. Karen McManus

    I am having so much fun seeing all the blog spots that I never new existed

  214. Jen

    I love the polka dots in your quilt!

  215. kathy

    What an neat overall design made by your block design. Keep up the good work.

  216. Sue Biles

    I envision using your block as a stash buster with one bold focus fabric. Great job. This would also make a great American Hero Quilt. Always looking for new ideas. This is a block I will make many of. thank you.

  217. Great block! Have added it to my ever growing bucket list. I’ll make mine scrappy!

  218. Pam from CA

    Love your block and especially the scrappy design!!

  219. scrappy quilts are just the best

  220. Congratulations! Love your block! Thanks for the giveaway!

  221. Wonderful block and a great way to use scraps and fussy cutting with fun fabrics.


  222. usairdoll

    Great block! It looks wonderful both going scrappy or not. I also think this would be cute used in a baby quilt. Congratulations on having your block chosen for this year’s issue.

    Thank you and Quiltmaker for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  223. Angelia L.

    I love your scrappy Square Crossing block! Thank you!

  224. WyoDi

    Fun colorful block. I’m a polka dot freakoid!

  225. Kaye

    Its a great block and a quilt my daughter would like.

  226. Becky Hall

    I like your block – lots of potential.

  227. love the block,one that I think anyone could make with ease and enjoy. but I think it’s a little too scrappy in the quilt–the block designs get lost in using so many differΓ¨nt, bright prints. I would like to try it with prints in the centers of the squares and solids for the squares.
    congrats for making it into the magazine!

  228. I really like this pattern.

  229. Georgie

    Congrats on having your block in the magazine! I like the polka dot version. Thanks for the chance to win a magazine for me.

  230. Cathlene

    Great block. Thanks for posting it and giving us all a chance to win.

  231. springleafstudios

    One of my favorites so far. Looks great in the quilt layouts.

  232. Amy Lause

    Wow, just love this block. I need a pattern like this for my bright, large prints! Thanks for the inspiration!

  233. I love scrappy quilts, so it’s a perfect block for me! Thanks for sharing your block! I am looking forward to getting a copy, either winning one or buying it! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  234. Ellen

    Thanks for sharing your block. Love it.

  235. Cheryl

    Lots of possibilities for the block.

  236. Darlene

    Tis block would be pretty in 30’s fabrics or brights for a child.

  237. Thanks for sharing your block. I love seeing blocks that can be made with scraps.

  238. wigglypup

    Love your scrappy block! Thanks for the chance to win!!


  239. LOVE your block! I really like what it looks like in a quilt! Congrats!

  240. ylmommyx4

    congrats Lindsey. Your block is great

  241. catskillquilter

    I love your block, especially in prints!

  242. Gloria Bruce

    I am in love with your block and especially the polkadot quilt. Can’t wait to make a block.

  243. Pamela R in Leaburg

    a fun block. thks

  244. Judy Forkner

    Congratulations on getting your block in! Looks fun to make with scraps galore!

  245. Cathryn H

    Love the polka dot quilt. It would be a wild quilt with scraps and then add the dots.

  246. Judy1522

    Very nice scrappy block. It looks great made into a quilt.

  247. It looks great with these dots! Lovely!

  248. Your block makes such a cool design when put together! This would be great with scraps!

  249. Julie B

    Love the poka dot border. Lots of possibilities with your block. Thanks for the chance to win.

  250. Sue Bone

    Love it. I can see me making a quilt of that design

  251. goonyburd

    I love your block – very cute!

  252. Lynn

    Always great to have a new scrappy block. I like the way you used the plus to tie it all together in your example

  253. Great block, I have been looking for the ideal block for a “manly” quilt and I think I have just found it, Thanks!

  254. I like the scrappy design with controlled coloured blocks.,Great opportunity to make all the little squares and add the center cross on the design board.

  255. Fran

    Love your block, it looks great in the pillow & quilt size mock up, I particularly like the scrappy polka dot quilt that you designed, well done! Thanks for the chance to win.

  256. Franci

    This would make a great kids quilt!

  257. Cindy Neidt

    Love the block and would appreciate a free copy of the book.

  258. Your block and quilt are wonderful. Thank you for the chance

  259. Christine

    I love love the 3D effect of your block! It is definately on my quilt bucket list!

  260. Diann Cornell

    No bias edges! Makes for an easier block to construct.

  261. Nicky

    I love your scrappy version of your block, thanx for the chance to win this fabulous book

  262. Dee

    Great block Lindsey – loving scrappy,

  263. Tamsyn

    Great block. Love the colors!

  264. LauraH

    Thanks for a chance to win! It looks like a great book!

  265. barbara woods

    love your blocks thanks

  266. toni-anne

    What a classical contemporary design! It’s superb and I want to take it home with me:)

  267. Deborah

    can’t wait to try this block – it will be good for reducing the stash!

  268. marilyntucker

    I love blocks to use all my scraps on!

  269. Great block for scrappy quilts! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  270. Sandy W.

    I love how you girls make scrappy look so good. Sometimes mine simply appears chaotic. You’ve made a wonderful, but simple block. Love it.

  271. Square Crossing will be perfect for a scrappy project. Way to go!

  272. MarciaW

    This is a great versatile block that would work well with scraps. Congratulations on the selection of your block for Volume 7 of QUiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. Good job!

  273. Lisa E

    I love the scrapiness of your block. Thanks for sharing.

  274. Nancy Smith

    I love your block & how you designed your borders for the quilt.
    Thanks for a chance to win a prize.

  275. Laurie

    Great scrappy block!

  276. Peggy Savage

    I like that your block could be made with scraps.

  277. Kimberlee

    I love your block Lindsey! I am definitely going to make it someday.

  278. Tania

    It’s the appearance of that secondary pattern which really makes it shine! Very nice

  279. I love your block. I too am a fan of “scrappy” and this yields a great look.

  280. Looks great, Lindsey! Congratulations on having your block published!

  281. Jamie Todhunter

    Thank you for a chance to win. Your block looks like it would be well suited to a scrapy quilt or one with planed fabric choices.

  282. Carrie O

    Interesting block – it lends itself to a lot of variation in final impression, depending on the colors/prints used.

  283. This is one of my favorite blocks so far!!

  284. Nancy Sue

    I love the last layout as being scrappy. It reminds me of a doll house. You want to look in each little room. It really drawls (draws?) you in!!!! Congrats on your great block!!

  285. Gunilla

    Great block and congrats to getting into this great magazine!!!

  286. physicsmom

    Love the scrappy look. A quilter after my own heart.

  287. Angie

    Very pretty. This magazine looks awesome.

  288. Cindi C

    I really like the scrappiness of your box. It look so fun!

  289. Lyn

    Sometimes I think simple, geometric, scrappy blocks are the best. And I’be been looking for blocks for a pillow….

  290. That is one very fun block… love it in scrappy!

  291. Kris

    The block looks so pretty!

  292. Andrea Kuster

    Love your fabric choices. I feel I have to make a change on my fabric stash.
    andrea- leakus

  293. Emilee

    Congrats! Looks like a cute block…would love to make it in a scrappy version!

  294. Joan H.

    Great block to use in a scrappy quilt. Congrats on being in the issue.

  295. I was just flipping through my copy and thinking, I’ve got to make this block, it’d be such a great scrappy quilt! I think it’d look good in so many color schemes. Great job!

  296. Pingback: Belated winners! | LRstitched :: a journal of stitches

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