Belated winners!

I am crazy late sharing the winners from the Quiltmaker and Modern Baby giveaways.   SO SORRY!

A lot has been happening in my personal life that has kept me away from sewing and the computer so I’m trying to play catch up.

I have an extra copy of Quiltmaker’s, so I’ve drawn two winners for a magazine!

Winner #1 is Shirley:

shirley tener

I love all the artist/bloggers I follow this is like a photo journal of all I love. xoxo

Winner #2 is Hadley

Flying Blind

Congratulations. Another brilliant magazine we do not have in the UK :(

 And the winner of the copy of Modern Baby is Deb:


Your quilt is great! Nice that it can grow along with baby.


Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments and encouragement.   It makes it so much sweeter to have people to share the excitement with!

I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.     We are approaching the start date to the Patchwork Please sew along and I’ll be sharing sources for supplies next week!

Big hugs! Lindsey



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3 responses to “Belated winners!

  1. Congratualtiosn to all the winners. Thank you for hostign the giveaway.

  2. Thank you honey-bunch xxx

  3. Thank you so much and I look forward to the new party with Zakka 2.0 with you.. I emailed you my address

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