Stash Match + Cosmetics Bag pattern

A few random things:


Stash Match!  My friend Ali created a fun concept for a game.  She gives an inspiration photo to several bloggers and has them pull fabric from their stash inspired by the picture.    She jumbles up the pictures and a photo of each blogger and you try and match the stash to the person.    I’m a part of July’s Stash Match and my hint is my picture location!  If you read along here you’ll know which one is mine. 🙂

Anyone can participate, so if you have a blog and want to do a month of Stash Match, send Ali an email!

• Cosmetics Bag pattern at Pellon!  I totally spaced on sharing the link to my pattern for this roll-up vinyl cosmetics bag.   You can find the pattern here.




Also, Google Reader is now officially no more. 😦  I’m rather sad about this, it was my favorite way to read blogs and keep up!

I’ve added a link to the top of the page if you’d like to follow along now through Bloglovin’.   It’s a very similar reader to Google.    I love readers because otherwise I get overwhelmed by all the blogs I like to follow and I forget to ‘check in’!

Hope you’re having a good start to the week!





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2 responses to “Stash Match + Cosmetics Bag pattern

  1. Ella

    Yours is one of the only one I’m sure I got right!

  2. maria

    I have a question, can a quilt be more wide than long? Please i really would appreciate your fast (like yesterday!!!)answer. I learn to quilt by myself, reading and viewing youtube. Im following by email

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