My Scrappy Box, tips for steps 11-13

One of the hard parts of a pattern can be making sure that you and the author are on the same page.

We all understand things differently based upon our experiences and when a pattern does not have many diagrams it can be hard to move forward when something doesn’t make sense!

First thing to note is that I believe there is a piece of Errata on page 78 in the yellow tip circle.   Instead of reading 6 1/2 it should read 5 1/2.

This will not concern you if you make the box scrappy as the book shows.  I chose to do a solid exterior and had I followed the tip bubble, my piece would have been too large.


Because this is a book pattern I can’t be too explicit with a tutorial, but I’ve tried to show with a little more detail how steps 11-13 are completed.

Step 11:

You are simply drawing a box 1/2″ in from each edge that will be your stitch line.   You will start and stop 1/2″ in from each side which will later allow you to fold up into a square shape and stitch your box together.


Step 12 and 13:

Your lining will remain unsewn which leaves an opening and allows you to insert the interfacing.   I’m showing step 13 here, but they are essentially sewn the same.



You will pull the lining up and away from the pocket/patchwork piece.   I recommend starting in the center and sewing to one end and going back and finishing the other side.

(My stitching is brown and hard to see, not the black edgestitching you see more clearly.)

This is helpful because to leave the lining free you need to pull a bit as you reach the end of your piece to expose and help the side seam of your piece lay flat.

Below you can see that I am pulling my lining a bit to give room to keep sewing to the end of the piece.


You want to stop right on the stitch line from the side seam of your pocket/patchwork piece.   I’ve circled below what I’m talking about.    This will be 1/2″ in from the edge.


I hope this helps you some.   It’s hard to explain without giving too much away!

I’m happy to help through email if you have any detailed questions.  I want you to be successful!

xo Lindsey

P.S.  I chose to machine stitch my side seams, so that is why my box has more rounded corners.



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7 responses to “My Scrappy Box, tips for steps 11-13

  1. Thanks Lindsey will make a note of these in the book. My patchwork panels worked out at 6″ and I adapted my lining in accordance with the bubble dimensions and ended up with no overlap but I fudged on and it looks ok and will be serviceable. I should have waited until today to start and benefitted from your tips.

  2. Charity

    Beautiful fabric 😉

  3. Charity Reesor

    Got my thread today 😉 THANKS! Love it 😉

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  4. This should help tremendously! I already made my box but those steps were definitely tricky and hard to understand!

  5. Thanks – I also had the same problem. I cut out the sides first and cut the bottom only once I had the sides made up and I could check they fitted. This was a bit of luck as I followed the bubble tip and it would have been annoying to have cut out a bottom too small!

I truly appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time to leave one! Lindsey

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