Sewing Summit :: Sewing With Leather Class

Tomorrow begins registration for Sewing Summit 2013.   It’s only 8 weeks away!

I will be teaching a lecture and a hands on class for Sewing With Leather.

I wanted to share the pictures and description in the event you are interested in this class!

I will be offering the lecture and tote pattern for purchase after Sewing Summit for those unable to attend.


Lecture :: Sewing With Leather
In the first of this two-session class, we will learn tools, tips, techniques and troubleshooting to get you on your way to using leather in your sewing projects.   Leather not only adds durability to your handbags and accessories but also adds a professional and polished look.   We will start with the different types of leather and where to source all the way to caring for the finished product.   You will walk away with inspiration and know-how to add a little bit of luxury to your handmade goods.
Hands On :: Sewing With Leather
In the second session we will take the knowledge we acquired and use it to make a tote bag.  In this class we will be working with suede and will learn three ways to use the leather on one handbag.    The techniques we cover will take a simple tote bag and turn it into a bag that gets noticed!


I love sewing with leather and am really excited to share!!




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8 responses to “Sewing Summit :: Sewing With Leather Class

  1. Sounds like it will be a great class!

  2. ylmommyx4

    Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully getting into one of your classes.

  3. ooo, i love this lindsey! wish I could come and take your class

  4. that bag is gorgeous. Real leather? I’m not brave enough to try that on my machine. I’m guessing a denim needle or heavier would be required.

  5. Soooooo wish I could be there and sit in your class!!

  6. Lindsey, I can’t believe how close the Sewing Summit is. I can’t wait as I’m lucky enough to be in both of your classes. I’m looking forward to it.

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