Illustrator Class

Why is it that when you have a gazillion things to do, you have a sudden desire to start something new?   Will I ever stop doing that???

Probably not.

My latest project is an Illustrator class online at Skillshare.

I saw an ad on Facebook to take the class for $10 (normally $20).   They must know I like a good deal.

I took an Illustrator class at a local college late last year and really didn’t feel like I got a good grasp.   The class covered so many topics that it felt overwhelming and I wanted to hurry up and make something!

With this class, it’s all video tutorials.    The teacher is really down to earth and we are actually making something from the get go.

Our project is to take a graphic advertisement and reproduce it.

I found a vintage needle ad online that I’m using.


I’ve been working a little bit each day and I’m actually DOING IT!  yay!!





One of my dreams is to attempt fabric design and I finally feel like I’m understanding how to use my sketches to create something digital!

I haven’t given it enough thought to know if I just want to design for the sake of learning or if I really want to attempt ‘designing’.

I’m just really really excited to have had an interest to learn something and be able to actually do just that.   And not have to leave my house, yay internet!

Hopefully I can get this finished up soon.  I was surprised to realize the lettering is the hardest part.

If you’re interested too, you can use my student referral for $10 off the class. *Update, the coupon only works if this is your first skillshare class.  So if you’ve already taken a course of any kind with them, it won’t work. boo!

The Ins and Outs of Illustrator by Brad Woodard



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8 responses to “Illustrator Class

  1. Clare Dempsey

    I love this post! I would love to take an illustrator course for my fashion design job needs and to use for scrapbooking sketches. I just wish the software was not so expensive!

  2. I’m so impressed Linds! Yours looks so great and I love seeing the transition from step to step! Keep it up girl! And I know you would be AMAZING at fabric design!!

  3. stipplequilt

    Thanks for the info Lindsey, I just used your link to sign up.

  4. I just went to sign up and it says original class price $20, with discount applied- $20. Hmmm….! 😀 I’ll try again out of the Bloglovin frame, maybe it is interfering.

  5. Oooh, I might have to give that a try, I actually need to learn more about Illustrator than what I’ve fumbled through on my own o.O

  6. I’m impressed. I too wanted to learn Illustrator and took an online class (with someone else). It went too fast and I gave up about a quarter of the way through. And It was much more expensive. Maybe I’ll get the courage to try again someday, but not for now.

  7. So cool! Reproducing something sounds like a great way to learn… separate the technical skills from the actual design. I took an Illustrator class where we had to do everything from scratch and as a beginner it was kind of overwhelming. Thanks for sharing this!

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