Circle 7 :: Amy’s Quilt




For August I received Amy’s quilt.  She had originally requested 16 patch blocks and sent 2 off as her starter to the quilt.

In July she decided to give us free reign and told us to go for it and make whatever we’d like!

Jennifer had the quilt before me and she made the beautiful hexy/star strip at the top.

When I got the quilt package it contained 6  blocks and the long strip.     I stuck them on my wall and waited to see if inspiration would come.

For 2 weeks I looked at everything and rearranged the 16-patches.   I kept feeling like it was hard to go in a new direction with so many of the previous blocks still intact.

Hopefully no one will be mad at me for taking their blocks apart!

I split 4 of the blocks in half and used them to frame a long dash block that I made.

I felt like it helped give the quilt a new start, tying in with Amy’s decision to go a different direction.

Amy I hope you think so!

I also added in the diamond block for the next person to use as she’d like.

Love the cheery colors and am excited to see it grow!





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7 responses to “Circle 7 :: Amy’s Quilt

  1. that is beautiful! i love the dashed line in the center of the 16 patch blocks. it really adds a lot.

  2. I adore your addition and love seeing how this quilt is evolving! Great addition Lindsey!

  3. I love the look so far….great!!!

  4. ylmommyx4

    your addition is perfect

  5. Amy

    Linds!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fab layout! It’s turning out so unique and fabulous…cheers to you for taking a risk and playing with the layout. Looks bomb. Thank you thank you, dear friend!

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