Life’s To-do.

Kind of  like a bucket list, but more just a place that reminds me of my dreams and the things I’d like to accomplish.  Some will be easy to complete and others will take some work.  I may never be able to complete them all, but it feels really good to cross something off and to be reminded to dream BIG!

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Design a fabric line
  3. Travel out of the country
  4. Inspire someone Thanks Nicole!
  5. Learn to make sushi
  6. Visit New York
  7. Live in the city
  8. Be able to do a pull-up
  9. Run a 5k
  10. Go to a costume party
  11. Own a Taylor Guitar, preferably this one.
  12. Learn to play said guitar.
  13. Write a book, part way there!
  14. Patent an invention
  15. Participate in Habitat for Humanity
  16. Live in the country
  17. Learn to shoot a bow & arrow
  18. Start my own business
  19. Be a Mother
  20. Finish my college degree before 35
  21. Go to Quilt Market
  22. Go on a road trip Completed 2/10
  23. Live in Texas again, hopefully Austin
  24. Write for a magazine
  25. Visit Hawaii
  26. Own a fixer-upper and make it purdy
  27. Have a garden
  28. Learn to knit
  29. Learn to dye yarn
  30. Knit a sweater Completed 10/09!
  31. Host a Christmas cookie swap
  32. Finish silhouettes of the family
  33. Go camping with my family
  34. Have our portraits taken on the beach
  35. Own a Jeep wrangler again
  36. Win a bag tag for tennis 10/2010
  37. Win a city final in tennis
  38. Have a grown-up sleepover with my girlfriends
  39. Upgrade to a Mac  03/2013
  40. Conquer my fear of flying
  41. Open a fabric store
  42. Publish a sewing pattern
  43. Read 101 books in 365 days (began 1/2011 :: 101 of 101 read as of 12/31/11
  44. Participate in a bake sale
  45. Take the kids to the zoo! 04/2010
  46. Demo and remodel our Master bath
  47. Build this headboard for our bedroom
  48. Finish our king bed quilt
  49. Make a quilt for R
  50. Make a quilt for L 05/2011
  51. Learn to longarm
  52. Write and sell my sewing pattern

6 responses to “Life’s To-do.

  1. Love your to-do list. 🙂 I have some of the same ones on mine. 🙂 Maybe we’ll make it to quilt market together!

  2. yvonne

    i need a list like this. cool.

  3. Hey, don’t forget to mark #53 off your list!!

    And I was reading your list again and realizing how many common things we have on our lists. I’m thinking we can definitely knock a few of them out together. Whatcha’ think?

    • oh! good catch! and yes, we should! I’m a part of the Junior Service League and we’re looking at doing a Habitat Build if you’d be interested in doing that?

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