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Toaster Cozy

I did a little altering to this week’s project for Patchwork Please, the Tea Cozy.

I love tea but I don’t own a teapot.  I boil water the boring way.

I do have a toaster though so I decided to make my toaster a happy home.

I love how it turned out!

TEA easily rearranged to EAT and I added a little toast applique in place of the teacup.

I tried to paper piece the toast but that was a disaster.   There were a gazillion pieces to make the curved portion of the toast and they measured like 1/8″.

Paper pieced toast or sanity??


I added in about 4″ to the width of the front and back pieces and boxed in the corners to make a cozy fit.

I used the same template for rounding the pieces that’s in the book but just added my width to the center.

With the curved top and the boxed corners, it looks a lot like a little house!

The inside could be a lot prettier but I was on a roll and not thinking ahead.  I should have finished my seam before boxing the corners.

I figure no one will see it, so I’m not worried about it.


I’ve loved seeing what everyone has linked up so far.    When using a craft book I think it’s important to keep an open mind so that you can allow yourself to be creative.

If the project doesn’t work exactly as is, do some tinkering and make it work for you!

I created a PDF of the toast applique in case anyone wanted to use it.    I used the same technique we used last week in making the applique dishtowels.

Toast Applique

xo, Lindsey






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