Pinwheel Potholder

Hi there!  Today I’m going to give you the basics to make an 8×8 quilted potholder that has a modernized pinwheel design.

Each pinwheel block  is foundation pieced and then all 12 are sewn together.   If you’ve never foundation pieced, don’t be intimidated!  This is a great tutorial on how to do it and the pinwheel is really simple and would be a great first-time project using this method.

I’m providing the template for the pinwheels and basic instructions for piecing the layout and putting the potholder together.   This project uses small amounts of fabric, so it’s difficult to give exact yardage.

You have two options for making the pinwheels.   When you print the template there are (5) – 2.5″ squares per page.  The patchwork portion of the potholder uses (12) – 2.5″ squares.

If you would prefer to paper piece, print out 3 template pages and use 12 of the squares.   The other option is to cut (12) 2.5″ squares from your solid fabric and foundation piece without paper.   This is the method I chose because it saves the mess of tearing away the paper.

If you want to go this route, use 1 of the template squares and cut away the side triangles leaving the center ‘kite’.

You will use that as a guide to trace your sewing lines onto the solid squares.   This makes sense to me as I type, but please let me know if it sounds confusing to you!

You will need:

  • PinwheelPotholderTemplate
  • 8×8 + 8×6 pieces of Insulbrite  (you could also use regular batting, but it will not be as heat-resistant)
  • 10 prints measuring 6×6 each (if you are utilizing scraps you just need enough to cover 4  triangles per print, so you can easily use 4 different sized scraps)
  • 1 solid measuring about 14×14
  • double fold binding
  • 8×8 piece for the inside of the potholder
  • 8×8 piece for the backside of the potholder
  • 8×6 piece for the backside of the patchwork piece

Once you’ve decided how you want to piece (paper piecing vs. foundation piecing directly on the fabric) prepare your squares by cutting 12 of the paper templates or 12 fabric squares with your ‘kite’ drawn in the center of each.

Below I’ve shown you the layout of all 12 blocks.  Figure out where you want each print to go and then assign each a number.   Write the number in the spot that will use that fabric.  Now you can piece your blocks more quickly!

Once you have all 12 squares complete, arrange in the layout above.   Now we need to piece them together.  Start in the top left corner and piece the top row together with a 1/4″ seam.   You can press seams open or to the side, whichever you prefer.

Then you will piece all 3 rows together and will end up with this beauty.

Next we need to make a quilt sandwich with the patchwork piece.   (*Note, I will be using a different patchwork piece for my pictures using the same measurements.)

Grab your 8×6 piece of insulbrite and your 8×6 lining piece.   Layer lining piece wrong side up, then insulbrite, and your patchwork piece last, right side up.    Pin or spray baste and then quilt as desired.

Now, take a piece of your binding and bind the top edge of the patchwork piece.

Repeat the quilt sandwich for the back portion of the potholder.  Start with your 8×8 backing piece wrong side up, then insulbrite and last your 8×8 inside piece, right side up.  Quilt as desired.

Time to  put it all together!

With the lining right side up, place your patchwork piece on top and line up the bottom edges.

Baste by sewing around the sides and bottom outside edges, very close to the edge.   Just enough to hold the two together.

Finish by binding the completed square.

Make a few more and you have a great hostess gift or just something pretty to use in your own kitchen!  You can substitute any patchwork piece using the same measurements.



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  2. Char Rathman

    Love it, thanks so much

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