Scrappy Bag Strap

I’m in the midst of testing a bag pattern and just finished making the straps.  I love the scrappy look and thought you might like to see how I make mine.

You will need:

  • Fabric Glue
  • A sewn bag strap/handle
  • Your sewing machine

My bag straps are sewn and ready.  Now  I need to cut pieces of fabric down to selvedge size (about .5 inch) of varying lengths.

I layer the pieces and overlap a few, arranging until I’m happy with the layout.

Once you’re happy with the placement you are simply going to glue the pieces down to your strap.

Cover the scraps with a thin coating, making sure to get the edges if you dislike fraying.

I like the frayed look, so I just randomly dot the glue.

I’m using  my favorite fabric glue, Liquid Stitch.

Here’s everything glued and ready to sew!

I start by sewing a line down the center and follow up with one on either side.

(I line up with the edge of my presser foot for the outside rows of stitching.  You can also add an additional two lines in between the center/right and center/left for less fraying).

Beware, these are addicting!

Once you finish your project  I think you’ll find it really adds a little something extra to make your bag one-of-a-kind!

Enjoy!  If you make a scrappy bag strap, I’d love to see it!  Feel free to add it to the LRstitched flickr page.

🙂 Lindsey


2 responses to “Scrappy Bag Strap

  1. mary burnette

    Great way to use those selvadges! love the bag too.

  2. Love the look of including fabric labels. Also good way to remember name of manufacture of favorite fabrics I’ve used.

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