Tutorial :: Print your own quilt labels

Hi there!

I had a couple requests about how I printed my own quilt labels.  You ask, I try to deliver! 😉

If you have any questions or something is unclear, just let me know.


You will need:

  • Good quality solid cotton fabric to print on (200+  thread count , i.e. Kona or Moda Bella)
  • Ink Jet Printer (this is important!)
  • Some form of medium weight interfacing  (iron on or adhesive) or freezer paper
  • 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper to use as template
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth or scrap piece of fabric

(1) Take your piece of copy paper, lay over fabric and cut out an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of fabric.

(2) Repeat step 1 with interfacing or freezer paper.  Cut out 2 interfacing pieces if using iron-on interfacing.  Cut 3 pieces if using freezer paper.  I use either Sulky Sticky+ or Heat & Bond Medium Weight.

(3) Take your fabric and press well (I recommend starching a little).   Apply interfacing to back of fabric.  Repeat with second sheet of interfacing right on top of the next.  (If using freezer paper, apply all 3 layers to your fabric.)

(4) Now you need to create your label, either in Photoshop or in Microsoft Word.   Remember you want someone 100 years from now to know the history of your quilt so include lots of info!

  • Why did you make this quilt?  Was it for someone special?
  • Does it have a name?
  • Where was this quilt made and the date
  • Did you use any special techniques to create this quilt such as hand applique or did you hand quilt?
  • Who made the blocks, pieced and quilted this quilt?  If several people, list those!

(5) Now that your label is prepped and ready, it’s time to print!

You want to make sure to be using an INK JET printer, as this type of ink can be heat set.  Make sure that your fabric is cut down to the size of a piece of copy paper with no jagged edges.  Load it up!

It’s best to print several labels at a time if you can so as not to waste paper.   But, I’ve found that as long as the width is correct, I can still load a shorter piece of fabric and print.

(6) While it’s pulling in the paper, keep your hand nearby to make sure it pulls in evenly.  And then marvel at your label printing! ha!

(7) Take your finished label and cut down to size.  I prefer to piece it in to my quilt so that I know it can’t be removed.  If doing so, leave room for seam allowance.

(8) Now you need to heat set your ink.  Take your label(s), cover with a pressing cloth and using an iron on high heat with NO steam, iron well for 60 seconds.

(9) If using sticky interfacing or freezer paper, remove backing from fabric.  If using iron-on interfacing, I like to pull off one of the layers so that it’s not as stiff.

I prefer the iron on interfacing since the first layer will keep the fabric stable so the words don’t distort.

9)  Your done!  I have used on quilts that I’ve washed 5-10 times and I’ve had minimal initial fading and nothing since.  Obviously that is my experience so print labels at your own risk! 😉

They do make a product called, Bubble Jet Set, that is supposed to retain 95% of ink.  I’m cheap, so this way is working for me. I may change my tune in the future.   If you want to use the Jet Set, you would use instead of heat setting the label and follow the tutorial the rest of the way.




One response to “Tutorial :: Print your own quilt labels

  1. Thank you so much for wonderful pictures and a VERY clear to understand tutorial! I’d love to send a link to your blog from mine with a title “This lady has a great tutorial on printing labels” =)


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